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Season Changes are Perfect Times to Refresh the Bathroom

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You have heard of spring cleaning, but any season brings a great time to refresh the home. While you are redoing the décor in your living room, kitchen, or outside, do not leave your bathroom out. The fall and winter are ideal times to have cooler colors, but spring and summer call for light, serenity, and warmth. If you are struggling to find the perfect decorations or redesign, here are a few places to start.

Remove the Clutter

Before you dive into any remodeling, you will want to remove all the clutter currently stashed in the bathroom. Go through all of the drawers and cabinets to toss any products you no longer use or could be combined to remove waste. Any space you clean up will help you decide if you need more storage or simply repurpose what you have. This is also the time to swapping out the heat lamps and other winter items to lighten the room.

Do a Deep Clean

After decluttering, you will want to do a deep clean of the entire space and sanitize. Many times counters, sinks, and bathtubs can be saved with a good scrub. It may be beneficial to hire a cleaning company to assist with cleaning grout and hard water buildup. Make notes of what areas would be better if they were replaced, such as switching from tile to laminate on the floor.

Change the Shower Curtain

Bathroom decoration ideas

If you have a shower curtain instead of glass doors or an open shower, purchase a light color material that reflects the light. Having multiple curtains will also allow you the ability to clean one easier. With the numerous styles available, it is easy to find one that matches your theme.

Bring in Beauty

Plants bring serenity and peace to any area, as well as add beauty. Consider replacing blinds with airy curtains and rugs with light mats or bare floors. If you have a small space, use pastel colors on the walls, white fixtures, and then vibrant pops of color with the décor. Opening up the space visually will leave the appearance of a larger area and allow the sun to provide natural lighting.

Dispose of Plastic

Bathrooms can go from drab to luxurious with the simple removal of plastic products. If you are redesigning your space with new faucets and fixtures, change the soap dispensers, towel racks, and toilet paper holders to ceramic or metal to match. Accessories will complete a look and make a room serene for a perfect place of relaxation at the end of the day.

Victoria Plum offers various styles and materials for bathroom fixtures, as well as accessories to match. It often helps to window shop while you are planning a remodel of a room to give fresh ideas. Gather ideas and then let the season speak to you for décor. Make sure the fixtures you purchase will be able to change quickly with holidays and weather.

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