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Samhams Technologies’s Technologist Controlled the Drone with J.A.R.V.I.S

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Samhams Technologies Implemented J.A.R.V.I.S for DRONES

Implementation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems is increasing day by day in defense cosmos, because of its potential during numerous types of operations. Many H.A.L.E (High Altitude and Long Endurance) and M.A.L.E (Medium Altitude and Long Endurance) types of U.A.S already have been deployed by troops of developed countries to carry out surveillance and targeting missions. ‘Unmanned’ prefix before the name, always click in the skull that its pilotless aircraft.

Verily, to operate M.A.L.E/H.A.L.E Unmanned Aircraft Systems, require minimum of three pilots to containment of situation inside the Ground Control Station.

What if?

We need only a single person to handle all types of Links during the mission. Already in science fiction movies, we have been looking out for the implementation of assistant software to control the situation, which can be directed by voice. Also in real life, many of us have this software to search for desired things in search engines. As per the Military point of view, integration of assistant software in the Ground Control Station to receive and transmit commands by voice would reduce the time and manpower.

Now it’s time to reframe the future. As per the working principle of ‘J.A.R.V.I.S’, the Director & technologist of Samhams Technologies (India), Mr. Abul Kalam Khan developed and integrated assistant software with Ground control station software.

Now by voice, he is able to control the Head-up display, Flight Plan Screen, and other options of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. It would be easy to work with it, and also ergonomically helpful to reduce error.

Now, Mark Zuckerberg has built Iron Man’s Jarvis AI assistant for his own home

Mark Zuckerberg Drone

Specifically, he writes code for a computer-controlled virtual assistant that operates things inside his house like lights and music. Zuck has named the assistant Jarvis, after the intelligent computer assistant in the Iron Man film series.

virtual assistant Drone

“challenge for 2016 is to build a simple AI to run my home and help me with my work. You can think of it kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man,” the billionaire announced in a Facebook post back on January 3, he said.

Now, as we hit the end of the year, Zuckerberg has revealed the extent of his creation.

Running through a custom iOS app that looks a lot like Facebook Messenger, Zuck’s Jarvis can play music on command and turn on and off his lighting system and even see who’s at the door.

“It uses several artificial intelligence techniques, including natural language processing, speech recognition, face recognition, and reinforcement learning, written in Python, PHP, and Objective C,” Zuckerberg explained in a blog post.

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