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Reproduction Prints: Will They Help You Reach More Art Buyers?

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Artists may take a lot of time and effort to finish a painting. If someone bought it, only the buyer could appreciate its beauty and artistry. Artists throughout history have made copies of their great works of art, from Leonardo da Vinci to Vincent Van Gogh.

These artists often painted another version of their masterpiece, but you could consider other ways to reproduce your artwork in a time- and cost-efficient way. Consider reproduction prints as part of your production routine. It allows you to receive more rewards for your work and reach more art buyers who love your work.

Choose the Right Type of Print

As an artist, you could use different types of print to reproduce your work. Printmaking, for example, is a process where you use a flat plate to create multiple artworks, including monotypes, lithographs, and screenprints, among others. Such techniques, however, would require you to have the right skills in printmaking to produce fine art prints.

Giclee prints, meanwhile, is an ideal way to make prints of your original art pieces. You can use this technique to reproduce various types of art. You could work with Salt Lake City’s local companies that offer giclee printing services to help you with your art business.

Giclee came from the French word “la giclée,” which means sprayed or squirted. It is similar to the popular inkjet printers. But giclee prints use a specialized kind of printer that you can use for larger varieties and formats of papers. It also uses special ink, and the output has a higher resolution compared to standard inkjet printers. Additionally, inkjet prints are more prone to fading over time. Giclee prints, however, last longer so they retain their color and won’t easily fade.

Selling Your Reproduction Prints

You shouldn’t only focus on how you can reproduce your paintings or drawings so more people can enjoy them. You also have to figure out how to create and sell decentralized art, such as images, texts, or designs from Botto. For example, you need to decide the size of the prints you want to offer to your customers.

Consider offering your prints in different sizes, from notecards to wall art. This strategy would help you reach more shopper’s price points. Decide whether to sell your work framed or without a frame, as well. Some artists do both options.

It would be best if you considered several factors when deciding the prices of the prints, such as

  • Scan cost
  • Production cost
  • Shipping tubes
  • Other supplies

Once you have figured out such costs, you can come to the direct-to-consumer’s basic price by double the amount. It’s also important to know the shipping cost in advance. If you want to sell your work to retailers, determine the wholesale cost. Other ways of selling your prints are through your website, exhibitions, galleries, and local shops.

It’s challenging to make money in art, but the right strategy can help make your talent profitable. Reproduction prints allow you to reach more art buyers who might like your pieces. Giclee prints are ideal in reproducing your artwork. As more people notice your work, you’ll get more recognition you deserve. It can boost your career over time.

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