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Redlore RTLS’s Solution: The Massive Beneficiation In Indoor Tracking

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Ultra-wideband (UWB) is a radio-based communication technology that allows quick and reliable data transmission over short distances. UWB is frequently the technology of choice for interior localization of moving assets in complicated and space-sensitive locations because of its unmatched accuracy, transmission speed, and dependability. The positioning approach used for indoor ultra-wide band(UWB) placement is based on signal arrival time and uses trilateral ranging to determine the target point’s location. Redlore RTLS’s solution increases warehouse efficiency by offering actionable data, safer operations, real-time tracking, and improved operations.

We have utilized this RTLS indoor locating system solution, and it leveled up our warehouse with more benefits, so we suggest this. Due to its many benefits over competing technologies like RFID, BLE, or WiFi, UWB is regarded as the industry standard for indoor localization.

Redlore Solution

Redlore’s RTLS solution improves warehouse productivity by providing real-time tracking, efficient operations, better safety, and actionable data. Redlore equips organizations to maximize the usage of their warehouses by doing away with manual inventory checks, streamlining workflows, and fostering a culture that values security.

The Redlore solution consists of inexpensive IoT tags connected to people, reusable packaging, equipment, inventories, and other objects. Customers may gather insights to improve operational efficiency via its control tower dashboard. Redlore provides indoor and outdoor asset tracking, real-time automated inventory, asset monitoring, tracking of people’s safety, equipment location and uses, dwell time monitoring, consignment stocking, vendor-managed inventory (VMI), and automatic (un)loading detection examples of typical uses.

Review on How the RTLS Solution Helps in Indoor Position Tracking

Indoor position tracking

RTLS offers tremendous benefits, resulting in better functioning due to the more vital data it provides when compared to earlier technologies. They make things more visible while streamlining procedures. We have implemented this RTLS indoor position tracking solution it leveled up our warehouse to the next level.

Redlore’s RTLS system revolutionizes and boosts the productivity of warehouses to new heights thanks to its superior indoor location tracking capabilities. Modern businesses can get real-time information on the whereabouts of their assets, and merchandise in their warehouses. Redlore is a pioneer in warehouse management thanks to the indoor location monitoring function that revolutionizes inventory management, streamlines operations, and boosts overall effectiveness.

By automating procedures, the system reduces costs and is resistant to human mistakes. With positional precision down to 1/2 inch or 15 cm and no need for power or communication cables throughout the building, this is the first and only system to offer high-accuracy interior tracking and condition monitoring.

Uses of RTLS in an indoor tracking system

Healthcare Tracking

By discovering them, RTLS Healthcare can assist hospitals in lowering their administrative workload and manpower needs. In a hospital setting with real-time location systems (RTLS), the system keeps track of goods like wheelchairs and medical equipment like IV pumps and vaccinations.

Fleet tracking

Based on RTLS, fleet-based enterprises may keep track of where each of their cars is in great detail. You must also maintain tracking of each vehicle’s parking spot when you have massive groupings of automobiles. By indoor positioning system your forklifts, you can determine where they are and whether you need to buy more.

Asset Tracking

RTLS systems track vital resources, including supplies, machines, and location data. The RTLS in your company can pinpoint the exact position of your employees and highlight dangerous areas while they are at work. Instead of using time-consuming procedures like barcode tracking, businesses may track the location of orders in real time with RTLS devices.


A Real-Time Location System is beneficial to all industries and uses cases to stay organized and safe. With the help of this ground-breaking technology, https://redlore.com businesses may dominate their respective industries and succeed in the fiercely competitive supply chain. Unprecedented levels of production and efficiency are made possible by Redlore’s RTLS system, which is a unique warehouse management method.

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