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Pros and Cons of Chasing a Career in IT

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The number of tech-savvy people keeps increasing every day. Not only that, but more and more individuals have decided to pursue a career in IT and specialize in helping companies take proper care of their machines and software. If you’re thinking about it but you’re just sure whether becoming an IT professional is a good idea, taking a look at the pros and cons of pursuing a career in IT might help.

A career in IT PRO: Better pay

As mentioned above, there are plenty of IT experts out there and that’s for a reason. Every company out there relies on its equipment to keep operating, meaning that each of them needs to either keep several good IT technicians at hand or hire an in-house expert. No matter which of these two options they decide to go for, they’ll be paying you quite a lot. Since the demand for IT experts keeps increasing, you can expect to be paid an even higher salary in the future.

A Career in IT CON: Irrelevant requests

Although the entire world is moving towards technology, not everyone understands how tech works. Some people may ask you to do things that are simply impossible and it’s up to you to explain this to them. Also, be prepared for some irrelevant complaints that have absolutely nothing to do with you. Since people are often clueless about technology, sometimes you may even be called in to fix a laptop that simply has a dead battery.

PRO: Wide range of industries

Career in it

Businesses in every field now need to rely on technology, unless they want to be left behind by their competitors. Every industry from beauty to automobile involves so much technology and IT technicians are needed to keep everything working. This is a great thing since it allows you to enter the industry you’re passionate about.

Moreover, switching industries is relatively easy, since you need the same set of skills, no matter what field you’re in. Of course, working for a company that offers managed IT solutions is always an option.

CON: Screen time

It’s no secret IT experts spend a lot of time in front of the screen. They’re often glued to their laptops, which only leads to health issues such as poor posture and weak eyesight. The good news is there are experts such as Timothy Steel who can help deal with spine problems. Another big problem many IT technicians face is weight gain. Most of the time, you’re required to sit behind your desk and unless you work out regularly, increased weight can quickly become an issue.

PRO: Growth potential

If you’ve been paying attention, you probably noticed that engineers keep coming up with new ways we can use technology in work and our everyday lives. This also means companies in every industry will rely on technology even more in the future, resulting in more areas of interest where IT experts can specialize. It’s expected that there will be plenty of new jobs and opportunities regarding technology. All this should help you grow your career even further.

CON: Odd hours

Jobs in IT are known for their odd and long hours. Systems don’t choose the time when they’re going to crash, meaning that you’ll often be asked to pull an all-nighter just to ensure the company can continue operating in the morning. On top of this, you can expect to have co-workers keep calling you at the same time and asking you to complete all kinds of difficult tasks as quickly as possible.

Just like with every other field, chasing a career in IT comes with its set of pros and cons. However, becoming an IT expert seems like a good idea and if you’ve been thinking about it, now is the perfect time to enter the industry.

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