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Personal SWOT Analysis

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There seems to be a debate about the source of personal SWOT analysis. There is a lot of confusion with regard to its creation. However, it is a popularly used tool the world over. Individuals & businesses alike use it to evaluate the following:

1. Strengths: Deriving some advantages over others by possessing a few characteristics

2. Weaknesses: disadvantages over others due to the presence of some characteristics.

3. Opportunities: Gain a better advantage by using the latest technologies & trends.

4. Threats: Obstacles that hinder career growth.

Why carry out a Personal SWOT Analysis

It is important to choose a job which you will enjoy performing. But the question is how to find a job that matches perfectly your skillset, preference & good pay! Using this tool will allow you to evaluate your weaknesses & strengths. Accordingly, you can search for a career that will fit you as well as your employer.

How to carry out an individual analysis?

Self-analysis personal swot analysis

You can use an easily available standard template or come up with your matrix. Follow the basic steps given below to carry out a personal analysis.

1. Evaluate strengths:

Answer the following questions honestly as it will determine your actual strengths.

    • Can someone in the industry be ready to vouch for your abilities & skills?
    • What certification do you possess?
    • How can you benefit the company?
    • Do you have the right expertise & education to do the job?
    • What have you achieved to date at work?

2. Evaluate your weaknesses:

Answer the following questions honestly as it will determine your actual weaknesses.

    • What particular skills or education do you lack?
    • Are there some tasks that you prefer to pass off or avoid?
    • Have you inculcated some bad habits like not following instructions, being late or absent, having an attitude, poor communication, etc.?
    • Do you miss out on deadlines?
    • How do you manage stress & demands at work?

3. Identify opportunities:

Using Personal SWOT Analysis, you can identify opportunities everywhere. However, it depends on individual desire & personality. Staying positive will help you to enjoy more opportunities. You can search for opportunities like:

    • Can others be of help on the web?
    • Can you gain expertise from some advanced technology?
    • How can you contribute towards your team members & company’s growth?
    • Is there some position lying vacant that matches closely with your strengths & skills?
    • Are there conducted classes or seminars that you can avail of to enhance your knowledge & skills?
    • Are you ready to volunteer to help with projects or tasks?

4. Get to know your threats:

Evaluating this factor will help you to know your stumbling blocks which may hamper career growth. Ask the following questions:

    • Who are your competitors?
    • Does your position require you to upgrade with any new technology or expertise?
    • Is some other co-worker applying for the same promotion or position?
    • Are you not aware of the latest trends or considered too old for the job?
    • Are your present personality traits not allowing you to flourish in your job?
    • Are your skills no longer in use?

When to carry out a Personal SWOT Analysis?

There is no specified timeline for you to carry out this analysis. You can perform it if you plan to do the following:

  • Change careers
  • Avail different opportunities or posts within the current company
  • Preparing for an interview
  • To make yourself more aware of yourself to avail of all available opportunities.

Doing self-analysis will help reveal your weaknesses & strengths. You can do the needful to convert your weaknesses into potential strengths. Hence, doing a Personal SWOT Analysis will help you to progress both in your career & life.

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