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Party planning checklist: How to plan a fun office party

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When you are working full-time and have many responsibilities and deadlines to fulfill, it isn’t difficult to overlook the importance of taking time off with your co-workers to disconnect for a bit. Besides, getting along with your colleagues outside the work environment is highly needed for your state of mind. Even the planning part of a social gathering can be a fun and exciting activity.

Building a bond with your team is highly necessary for improving collaboration and increasing productivity. On top of that, having the chance to interact with your co-workers in an informal environment will enhance the employees’ morale. 

So, office parties have a significant role in strengthening work relationships. But if you don’t know where to start, we have got you covered. Simply follow the checklist below, and all that is left to do is enjoy the party.

Set the date

As you have to follow a timeline to meet specific deadlines and reach your individual and collective goals, it is essential to find a date that suits everyone. For this reason, planning ahead is highly necessary so that no one gets left out.

An idea would be to do a poll or survey on your work group chat with possible dates to quickly check when everyone is available so that they can all attend. This way, you don’t have to ask your co-workers individually and get the chance to forget when someone is busy. Once you have scheduled the date to fit everyone’s schedule and out-of-work responsibilities, the rest is much easier to plan.

Allocate a budget

It is vital you choose a maximum spending limit and stick to it. You will want everyone to have fun, but planning a party they won’t forget can be costly. However, to make sure you won’t have to give up something, it might be helpful to allocate money for every item on the party planning checklist. A way of doing this is to prioritize them and find ways of saving money. 

For instance, you could find deals for party decorations in bulk which are inexpensive, and you have enough to use for a while. Then, when it comes to location, entertainment, and beverages, you can allocate a budget for each based on what is more important. If the party will be at the office, then entertainment is more of a priority. This way the party will have everything without having to spend too much.

Find the location

The perfect location can sometimes be challenging to find. However, there are times when the best option is right in front of you. If your office is spacious enough, you can even hold it on-site. If there is enough room, you can transform the work area into a party location by moving around the furniture to allocate space for food and drinks or set up a laptop to play music.

However, if the office is relatively small – or you might prefer keeping work and social gatherings separated – then you can find an alternative off-site. Renting a space or booking a separate area in a restaurant or club are great options if you want to have privacy and only be you and your team. If that’s the case, the recommendation is to secure a place as soon as you have set the date to avoid getting stressed out and finding something last minute.

Add decorations

Party decorations are still a must, regardless of your age or reason for celebration. They set the party mood and can create a fun and excellent background for taking photos. Whether you choose to have a theme or not, decorations complement the atmosphere. Not to mention, you and your colleagues can set them together and even do some DIY decorations out of balloons, ribbons, and confetti, such as garlands or cutting out specific messages.

Besides, you could pitch in and buy all the materials needed to either create party decorations or buy already-made ones. For instance, if you find bulk ribbon suppliers, you can get a considerable quantity you can use at other parties or for wrapping presents. This way you won’t have to buy them every time you need them. Chances are you will be planning other parties.

If you choose to create decorations together, you could even find tutorials to make fun props for a rented photo booth, such as messages with inside jokes between you and your co-workers or paper glasses.

Food and beverages

When it comes to providing food and beverages, it can be difficult to find cost-effective options, especially if you are a large team and everyone has preferences. However, it is crucial to be mindful of allergies and food requirements, such as vegan and vegetarian options. Catering is a good alternative if you need to have variety. This way you can arrange a buffet from where everyone can help themselves. On the other hand, can decide for each employee to bring cooked meals or snacks. This option is the most cost-effective. However, not everyone might have the time to cook something. 

Office party ideas

If you have enough money left in the budget and don’t want to mix your drinks, you could hire a bartender to provide the beverages and create cocktails. This will be a great option if you are hosting the party at the office or rented space.


There is no party without music. Entertainment is a must when you plan a party, regardless if it’s a small gathering or a big party. Even if it is just a dinner get-together, low-key music playing in the background will set the scene perfectly.

As mentioned above, depending on your priorities and budget, you might want to focus more on entertainment. Hiring a DJ to play upbeat songs and create a fantastic atmosphere will guarantee a party to remember. Similarly, you can put together a playlist with your colleagues. This is a fun activity and an inexpensive alternative, and your party can still be a success.

Choose a theme

Last but not least, choosing a specific theme can make the party more enjoyable. If you enough time to organize a thematic party, such as 80s-focused or Hawaiian-inspired, it will definitely be hard to forget. Just imagine the memories and photos you will cherish forever. You could get everyone involved and brainstorm ideas together, which will strengthen your working relationship already. 

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