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Online Gambling Trends to Watch in India

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The Indian online gambling industry has its ups and downs, but it is one of the industries that continues to win big after all these years. Many changes are predicted to occur as a result of digitization.

It is important to stay up to date with these trends as a gambler as doing so will make it easy for you to explore the various betting possibilities where you are more likely may make more money.

According to Statista, the Indian online gaming business is projected to be worth $70.9 billion by 2025. If you want to get a piece of this pie, you need to be aware of the online gambling trends in India that will reign supreme in 2022.

Online Gambling Trends in India to Keep an Eye on

Here are some upcoming trends to keep an eye on:

Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology has entered the Indian gambling industry. Due to their real-time processing and near-zero transaction costs, digital currencies such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin are already replacing fiat money as the preferred payment option at many casinos.

One prominent feature of cryptocurrencies is their ability to provide anonymity. Transactions are untraceable due to the usage of decentralized technology, which might be beneficial or negative.

One, it protects gamblers’ data, but it doesn’t mean casino owners should ignore making sure they know who their consumers are. They should remember their Know Your Customer (KYC) duties as part of holistic data protection. This step is crucial for preventing their platform from becoming a breeding ground for corruption.

While cryptocurrencies are still a long way from being widespread owing to several limits, it is something Indian gamblers should keep an eye on this year.

Live Dealers Are Becoming More Prevalent

There’s no disputing that when it comes to online gambling, Indian gamblers demand a more genuine experience. As a result, there is a high demand for virtual reality technology.

Aside from VR, many people prefer to play their favorite games with a real, live dealer rather than artificial intelligence. After all, live dealers provide a more authentic and legitimate gaming experience.

They provide players with trust that the online casino is not defrauding them because they can see everything that is going on right in front of them. That said, the best live casino India sites can be found here. Some of them have welcome bonuses you can use on live poker, live blackjack and live roulette.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Adoption

While mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular in India, it is no longer shocking to find more digital experiences when it comes to online gambling. Metaverse, as predicted by Facebook, is set to revolutionize our lives.

It might catapult augmented and virtual reality (VR/AR) adoption into the mainstream. The utilization of VR/AR is now in use, and it is one of the most popular online gaming trends in India.

Augmented and virtual reality adoption online gambling trends

Virtual reality is increasingly being utilized to train athletes. However, it can also be used in online gambling. Poker sites are increasingly introducing virtual reality (VR) goods for live betting, such as digital poker with 3D avatars and gesture recognition.

This adds to the realism of the live poker experience. To enjoy the finest casino experience possible, gamblers who want to attempt this online gambling craze in India need to invest in pricey headsets.

Gambling Apps are in High Demand

Mobile gaming and gambling have increased in popularity in India over the years. Despite this, there is still a huge desire for better-performing apps. According to online gambling trends, gamblers prefer to utilize applications that are well-designed and consider user experience.

Study shows that most Indian gamblers want apps that go above and beyond the basic minimum. Online casino operators need to make their platforms more user-friendly.

Players are also considering the convenience of joining up and maximizing discoverability to make it easier for them to find relevant gambling opportunities. As a result, most operators rely on localization to supply these functions properly.

Online Gambling Wearables

Wearables are one of the online gambling developments that will transform the betting game in India. Wearables have taken center stage in a variety of ways, including tracking and gaming. It is one of the major trends that will make an impact this year. Playtech, for example, now provides slot machine apps that can be accessed via the Apple Watch.

More and more game creators are considering including this as one of the online gambling trends in which they are prepared to invest in. Why? Because it is closer to the gambler’s body, it provides more user awareness.

It is considerably easier for players gamble using wearables. However, variance in operating systems that most wearables operate on can be a possible barrier for operators and developers.

Micro Betting’s Inception

It doesn’t have to be all about the big bets and wins when it comes to online gambling. Micro-betting, for example, is becoming “huge” in the sports betting market. It’s no longer about the favorite’s odds or the number of goals scored throughout a game. Traditional betting is currently losing ground. Nowadays, it’s all about little in-play bets, such as who will score the next goal or who will be sent out.

It’s yet to gain popularity in India since it is mostly technology-driven. Micro bets have a large volume, and to collect as much data as possible, artificial intelligence (AI) is utilized to decide on outcomes and report on findings. As a result, it’s rather pricey for micro bettors. However, the thrill and excitement are amazing.

Options for Safe Gambling

While it isn’t one of the most recent online gambling trends, security and safety are still major concerns for many players. When it comes to their consumers’ safety and security, online casino operators must remain proactive.

Online casino operators ought to consider all possible security flaws from gambling app conception to development to guarantee that players’ data protected from any potential security breaches.


Online gambling in India will continue to rise in years to come. While online gambling trends vary year after year, the best part is the opportunity to profit from them.

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