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NPS Software: All you need to know about it

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It is a type of software which is used by the companies to get feedback from their customers. NPS stands for Net Promoter Score and it give you platform to engage your customer in an easy and good way. NPS software is a tool which is installed on websites and used to collect the NPS feedback from customers after giving services. It also helps to collect NPS result and track changes and also see the fluctuation in the score. It also helps websites to take feedback from the customer after giving them their services and tell which thing is essential to be improving the website. it give help in getting feedback and customer experience and it helps to running 10,000 business websites in more than 50 countries.

Uses of NPS Software

  • By using this NPS software you can segment and test customers by sincerity.
  • It helps to recognize unsatisfactory customers and at-risk customers.
  • It helps to optimize around customer metric which helps websites to give their services to their customers.
  • It helps websites to estimate benchmark in industry.
  • It helps websites to increase competitor scores.
  • It helps to identify the need of improvement in products and services of eth website.

For which purposes you use NPS software

It is used world widely by many companies and websites for different purposes.

Measure NPS

Measure nps nps software

You can measure NPS at every touchpoint. It helps you to detect what customer does the next. It helps to communicate with the customers, no matter which app they use to do conversation with you. Either they used websites, emails, SMS and many other app you can chat with them effectively with the help of NPS software.

Recognize the next action of customer

It will help you to recognize and identify the next action by the customer. It helps to detect what will customer do next and what will the next action of customer? It helps to recognize the scammers and at-risk customers by activation of churn data in it. It gives you way to increase the quality of product and services of your website.

Embed CX throughout your organization

It activates the organization and your website by embedding CX service into employees. It provides tools to your employees to remain in contact with customer from anywhere. every employee can properly chat with the customer and take action on customer review. it helps to run websites in different and effective way.

Reach customer with NPS survey where ever they are

It helps to improve services of your websites and you can do conversation with your customer where ever they are. It provides you survey distribution by which you can interact with customers from anywhere they want. It helps you to collect customer feedback from any application they are using to communicate with you. It helps you to communicate with customers from any platform they want to use. They can use following platform to communicate with you and you can use NPS software to communicate with them from any place.

  • Email
  • Messaging application
  • Text and SMS
  • Mobile
  • Native apps
  • Offline Survey

How to create and Customize NPS survey?

You can create and Customize NPS survey by using good and easy survey builder. By using easy survey builders you can create and customize your NPS survey in a little time.

You can customize your NPS survey by NPS questions. This question is based on the personal information of customers who are using your website. By these NPS question you can make a relationship with your customer which is helpful for you in giving services to you. With in help of NPS software you can measure such a relationship between you and your customer. By customizing NPS survey you can collect data of your customer which is helpful to you for giving them services.

How to send NPS survey of your website at the right time?

Reach your customer at any touchpoint to test their sincerity and loyalty.

Schedule NPS survey

You can send the survey to your customer at the right time if you schedule your NPS survey with the platform. It automatically sends your survey to the customer when they need.

Trigger NPS post and event

You can send your NPS survey at right time by using other ways such as by posting it on the platform and by making an event of this on platform.

Automate NPS survey on website

You can also send your NPS survey by making it automatic. You must attach your survey on the website and it will send automatically to your customers.

How to view and track NPS score on the website?

You can use different tools to analyze your NPS score on website.  You can use effective reports to calculate your NPS performance and it also helps you to take decision for business.

You can use following reports to analyze your NPS performance

  • NPS Meter Report
  • NPS Trend Report
  • NPS Text Analyze
  • NPS Compared Across Relation
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