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How Much Does it Cost to Build eCommerce Website?

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Where do you most often make purchases?  You are not tired of wasting time in the attempt to find something necessary, are you? If everyday shopping exhausts you, then relax and enjoy reading This platform is convenient both for buyers and for administrators of the eCommerce Website.

Shops play an important role in our every-day-life. And it is a fact! Without shops anywhere! In shops, we buy food, home decoration, clothes, and different technical devices. However, in order to get all this, the person needs to leave the house and to go to the shop. Often there are cases when the necessary shop is on another end of the city or even in another city, what to do if there is no opportunity to get there?

The answer is obvious. The Internet is a very popular global web that helps us to resolve different issues that arise. It is possible even to tell that without the Internet there is no life anymore. Though, maybe, there are still people who don’t think so. But, we should take into account that the Internet gives a good opportunity – online purchase. The person having Internet access can order and buy everything there, and acquire goods from every spot on the globe.

What is the online store and how to use it?

Do all know this pleasant word “shopping”? When your eyes run up and you don’t know what to buy first. And so, sometimes it is possible to face a problem like getting lost in huge shops and boutiques and forgetting what you have come for. Therefore, the online store is an excellent decision.
The online store is the form of an interactive website intended for the sale and advertising of goods and also for booking, payment, and delivery of goods.

Ecommerce website

Principles of work of an Online store:

1. First of all, visitors, when visiting an online store, have a look at products that are offered on the site, then he/she select the appropriate item and add the selected items in a shopping cart. Further, in the same way, he chooses a few appropriate items and puts them in his cart. When the buyer has chosen all the necessary goods, it is possible to start registration of the order. Very convenient is that from the buyer the minimum of his personal information is required. It promotes the increase in the safety of purchases on your website.

2. Processing an order there is a request for the purchase of goods, in addition to their description, also payment options for the selected item. It can be:

  1. Credit cards

2. Bank transfer

3. Payment by electronic money

4. Payment via e-mail

5. Payment in cash upon receipt of goods

But we must be careful not to get to the scam tricks. So do not make payment via SMS to the short number.

3. Delivery of the order is carried out by means of a courier service and delivery to mail (package, a parcel post). But there are cases when the ordered goods are electronic goods (the software, the e-book or the text), then the goods are delivered by mail of the buyer.

What to begin with or how to realize the idea?

So, we also approach one more, not an unimportant question – how to create an e-commerce website?

We will start with the fact that the online store is the website and its development is identical to the scheme, as the development of other websites. But your Online store has to be dynamic. It is caused by the fact that the contents of the shop are necessary to update, change constantly the prices and to add or delete these or those goods.
Still, it is necessary to adjust the principle of оf online orders. It is possible to make it through a control system of the website.

1. It is necessary to define who are your buyers. What is your audience? It includes age, preferences, and gender.

2. How do you create your store? What do you want to sell? Who are your future users?

3. Develop the scheme. It will help you not to stand aside. It is explained by the fact that it is possible to sell a certain quantity of goods. Thus, you won’t get into an unusual situation when your shop begins work, you will sell out all the goods in 1-2 days, and in a consequence, you will ask clients to wait. Or on the contrary, it will turn out that goods are more than it is necessary. You will need to understand what number of orders in your shop can be made at once to make the profit and to grow.

4. Create a catalog of goods and services on the website and navigation on goods. Navigation can be different, but it depends on the provided goods and services.
Test and improve the shop. It will help you to find mistakes, you will be able to improve functions which badly work.

The decision to develop an e-commerce website will give you some of the benefits:

1. The online store works round the clock. In such a shop, there are no days off and there are no lunch breaks

2. Everyone has access to an online store who has Internet access

3. It isn’t necessary to employ staff (the security guard, the seller – the consultant, the accountant)

4. It is possible to operate the shop in any place with Internet access

5. The trade room isn’t required

6. There is no need to have goods, it is just necessary to have good interaction with suppliers

7. Special trade equipment isn’t required

It is necessary to correctly decide on a niche for an online store, you need to see the most popular online stores and to analyze the relevance of the modern market. It will give you a clearer understanding of what goods and spheres have wide popularity among Internet users.

It is possible to estimate the demand for certain goods by means of the special tool which will be outputted to your dynamics of demand for goods.

Correctly to estimate consumer interest, it is necessary to enter the most required words – “costs”, “shops”, “delivery”, “quality” and so on.
If you need the subject for the long-term project then it is better to see subjects with stable demand.

When you were already defined what goods you will sell, it is worth thinking up a name to your shop. The cooler and more simply the name of your shop will be, the better it will be remembered then. On the Internet, shops are generally remembered in the web address – the domain. It is possible to register the name of your shop by means of special services, after the creation of the account of the online store.

So … We approach one more important question on this subject – how much does it cost to build an e-commerce website?
One more main criterion during the creation of an online store is its cost. You need to understand accurately what specifically you want to add to the shop and how it will work. But before we will begin to talk about the e-commerce website development cost (e-commerce website development cost), let’s understand what website is necessary for you? Because the cost of creation of the website most often depends on its complexity.

The difference between the budgets of electronic commerce depends on project volume.

What influences the price?

1. Client base

The extent of your client base defines the software of technology. If the client base is big, then you can require the help of applications that will be able to process at the same time a large number of traffic on the website. It will define technology that will be required to you, type of a network and the server, and also the experience of the team of developers.

2. Support of applications

The services sector uses the term – the enterprise of resources planning (ERP) to describe a set of software that operates inventory makes out bills and other back-office services. The big companies can have several such solutions to ERP, and some of them can cost ~ $100.000 for one annual license.

3. Marketing

Marketing is an important component that has to be present at each business website. Marketing is a way to increase social media, mobile marketing, video, attendance of the website and many other things.

4. Functionality and characteristics

Large companies have the most abrupt and interactive potential, for the advancement of production and to remain competitive.

5. Contents of the website

The majority of companies create content for the website. There is the price and the image of a product, its description, and information about the company. The more products the website contains, the more effort it demands. Therefore, it is necessary to count accurately and correctly the budget.

Still, it is possible to note that the average cost to develop an e-commerce website will depend on what will be designed on the website. If the design of a ready template is used just for an online store, then it considerably reduces the price and if to do a cool qualitative design from scratch, then the price rises many times. The design has to be well done and clear not only for you but also for your clients.

Costs for the creation of the website usually include payment of the work of the whole team of experts, including designers, programmers, SEO optimizers, etc.

Examples of the most popular CMSs for the creation of online stores are Magento and WordPress

Magento is a popular, but also not less expensive multipurpose PHP framework with an open-source code. This platform is convenient both for buyers and for administrators of the online store. In the work, Magento uses strong instruments of marketing, management of the catalog of the website and search optimization.

WordPress, as was mentioned earlier, was created as a platform for blogs, but in a type of popularity, people started to use it as a platform for the creation of online stores.

WordPress includes more than 10 plug-ins for the online store. But there is one nuance if you want to make a courier service and system of payment on WordPress, then you will not do without the help of programmers.

As an example of the project on Magento, we will consider our case study – the CRW project

Within the project, the full-function shop was created for selling auto parts. It supports various payment service providers.

The theme of Magento has been created. The theme contains the functionality approved by the client. During the creation of a theme, several additional functional modules have been created which expand the functionality.

In particular, it is the controller for the processing of Ajax inquiries, the module for creation of the custom page in a private office of the user, the module for a special helper which includes special support functions.

Within the functionality of a theme, both style registration and special functionality for a frontend are created. A feature of a theme is the existence of various special filters and widgets. In particular, a widget of display of the chosen (current) car and filters for the selection of products by certain criteria (price, status, producers, name, number of products).

For search pages, optimization by means of connection of functionality of asynchronous uploading of posts has been executed. Also, 2 galleries have been added in the form of sliders for the recommended products on the page of a product. Within the project, in the Magento database, several custom fields and additional tables for work with new entities of the database of the client have been created. Control and installation of some additional modules have been made within the required functionality (Owebia Shipping, Neotheme blog, modules of payment service providers and other).

What do you need to know before choosing the company to develop an online store?

As any usual shop, after opening it needs high-quality advertising. The more people will know about your shop, the more clients you’ll receive. The same situation turns out also with the online store. Before creating the shop, it is necessary to think over its perspective. Because if on the Internet you won’t be able to find and get smth. on the website, then you can forget about sales at all.

Today, when we talk about search engines one of the requirements to the websites is that they are displayed on the first pages of the search much more above. Therefore, it is necessary to think very well here if you are going to create a cheap shop. There is such a moment that then for the achievement of the necessary results, you will spend much more money than you will save now.

How much does it cost to make an e-commerce website and how to make it profitable?

If to compare the cost of the creation of online stores on the Internet, one may say, that the typical budget for Online stores can vary from $10.000 and rise to $50.000. It will depend on what functionality the shop will contain and what will be the complexity of the website.

The eCommerce website development pricing will depend on what type of site you want. It can be a default website, business card site, сorporate website, online shop, promotional website.

As soon as in your store a sufficient quantity of orders will be to cover the costs that you have had on the development and promotion, then we can congratulate you;). You have passed a difficult stage in the creation of your shop. The next step is development. It is possible to say that your online store is a completely working business. But as well as in each business it is necessary to control and watch indicators. To make it, it is necessary to install the program or a platform with analytics. It will help you to trace the number of visitors to the shop, to find out what purchases are made better and how to expand the business in the future.

Article Written by Yulia Kulik | Computools

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