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Money-Saving Apps: List of Top Apps to Earn Cashback in the Holiday Shopping Season

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A majority of customers like to save more money when they want to purchase a product or service online. Many money-saving apps are available today allowing people to earn cashback in the holiday season to reduce their expenses. However, one should evaluate them with more attention that will help choose the right one accordingly.

Knowing more about the best money-saving apps

1. ShopKick

Shopkick money-saving app

ShopKick is one of the best apps designed for shoppers when they want to get cashback offers. This app enables a person to get points when he/she buys an item. It even lets customers earn more points when they walk into a brick-and-mortar retailer and scan the products with high accuracy.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks money-saving app

Swagbucks is another app meant for earning cashback in the holiday season. The app gives ways to get cashback in 18 different ways. Not only that, it offers grocery coupons for users and they can take a printout of them for redeeming purposes.

3. Rebate key

Rebatekey money-saving app

Rebate key is one of the best money-saving apps for shoppers because it gives methods to receive high cashback. It allows them to earn rewards directly from a manufacturer or supplier 35 days after placing an order. Furthermore, the app enables a person to get the best deals while buying a product.

4. Grocery Pal

Grocery pal is another app that can work well for those who shop products frequently. The app allows shoppers to scan the grocery lists of various stores to match items online at lower prices. It will help order the product at cheap rates to save more money. Another thing is about the app is that it allows users not to spend time while purchasing a product.

5. Dosh

Dosh money-saving app

Dosh is one of the best money-saving apps that stores all the user’s data by using 256-bit encryption. It provides ways to get automatic cashback when shopping at dining. Another thing about the app is that it gives methods to earn cashback on travel. Additionally, the app has partnerships with various hotel aggregators allowing users to earn a cashback.

6. Groupon

Groupon money-saving app

Groupon is one of the money-saving apps available for shoppers that let them save money on already purchased things. The app will send promo codes directly to mobile devices whenever they are near a great sale. Besides that, it gives ways to share deals with friends and others that will help purchase them accordingly.

7. ShopSavvy

Shopsavvy money-saving app

ShopSavvy is another mobile app that makes shopping easier with an integrated bar-code scanner and price checker. The app provides ways to compare prices and search products under different categories. Customers who are looking for a price match option can use the app that will help meet their essential needs. Also, they can save more money after installing the same on their mobile devices.

8. Flipp

Flipp money-saving app

Flipp is a mobile app meant for shopping purposes allowing a person to save money on weekly purchases. It allows shoppers to know the latest deals, discounts, and other details that will help make the right decision. The app gives ways to save up to $45 a week.

9. Price Cruncher

Price and cruncher money-saving app

Price Cruncher is a money-saving app meant only for Android users. It allows users to add custom units and other things for comparison purposes. The app lets a shopper know which retailer has the best deals while purchasing a product online that will save more money.

10. Poshmark

Poshmark money-saving app

Poshmark is one of the shopping apps allowing users to find beauty, clothing, and wellness products based on their choices. It is ideal for buying items at the best prices that will help reduce expenses.

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