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MbenzGram Stresses the Importance of Using Legit Sources for Performance Parts

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There are tons of car performance part vendors out there. But most of them are not that great. In fact, purchasing from them is likely to cause headache after headache. This is why companies like MbenzGram, who is also known as MBGRAM, an online car part vendor based in California, regularly stress how important it is to use only legitimate sources.

While researching, we found many car performance fans saying exactly the same thing. If you buy parts for your vehicle, make sure it is from a legit, reputable company like MbenzGram. Those who don’t could end up with shoddily constructed parts that can cause serious damage to their cars. That’s just one of the many reasons why using a legit source is essential.

What Is a Legit Source for Performance Parts?

A legit source of vehicle performance parts is a company that works directly with vehicle component manufacturers. For example, according to their FAQ, MBGRAM works directly with Mercedes-AMG, among a few other major vehicle companies.

If a company does not have a direct connection with vehicle component manufacturers, then they are likely not legit. It is rare that they will have the most competitive prices or even the largest selection of components. In most cases, it may even be difficult to make a warranty claim through them.

Why Use a Legit Source for Car Performance Parts?

Working with a legit source for car performance parts can have several benefits. Blog and social media posts from MbenzGram regularly stress the importance of working with legit sources. Ask any person that regularly purchases performance parts for their vehicles and they are likely to say the same thing: it is important that you stick to the companies that are reputable.

Bigger Product Selection

There are a lot of different vehicles out there, and there are a lot of different components that can go into them.

Legit retailers tend to care much more about ensuring that their product selection is vast. This means people can always find the right components for their vehicles. MBGRAM, for instance, has almost 500,000 performance parts available through its website.

Less-legit retailers, particularly those that do not deal with manufacturers directly, will have fewer components. They may only stock components for popular vehicles, and they may not even have everything in stock. This can make it difficult for a person to soup up their vehicle. After all, nobody really wants to be hopping from site to site to track down components for their vehicle.

Quality Products Only

Quality products only  mbenzgram

Companies like MbenzGram stake their reputation on offering quality products. People looking for performance parts for their vehicles tend to want the best components possible. Performance fanatics don’t do things by half-measures!

When we looked through the MBGRAM website, they only stocked products from legit, reputable suppliers—no third-rate parts that could end up damaging a person’s vehicle. This is why, during our research, many performance fans recommended them.

When people purchase from a less-than-reputable supplier, they are taking a risk. Many of those companies stock cheap or knock-off parts. This means that the parts don’t always perform as they should and, in rare cases, could have an impact on the other components in a person’s vehicle. During our research, we found many horror stories where people installed cheap mods on their engine, only to find that their entire engine broke, and they ended up with a rather hefty repair bill.

Legit suppliers like MbenzGram don’t want that to happen. If they get a reputation for selling low-quality parts, then their business would crumble overnight. There’s a reason why many of the cheap performance part vendors don’t stay in business that long.

Warranty on Products

While quality products are less prone to breakage, it can happen. When a person purchases from a non-legit vendor, there’s a chance that there is no warranty on the product. Or, if there is a warranty, it is very limited and difficult to make a claim on.

While browsing the MbenzGram website, it was evident that every product has some sort of warranty tied to it. This means that if there is a manufacturing defect with a product that causes it to fail, there’s a chance that a person can receive a replacement component, meaning they are not left out of pocket.

This is incredibly important. Many people that purchase performance parts really put their vehicles through their paces. They want to be 100% sure that if anything goes wrong, there will always be somebody that “has their back.”

Expert Advice

Companies like MbenzGram pride themselves on their knowledge.

There are cheap performance car vendors out there. We stumbled across a few of them during our research.

However, many of these do not have telephone numbers where they can be contacted. Some barely even have an address where mail can be sent. This makes it extremely difficult to get advice on car parts. There’s a chance that a person could end up with something that isn’t quite right for their vehicle.

With legit sources for performance parts, there will be ample information available on what a particular component does, which vehicles it is suitable for, etc. There will always be a contact number where an expert can be spoken to. This makes part selection even easier.

Legit companies like MbenzGram even offer a bespoke client project service, where parts can be tailored to the type of vehicle a person owns, as well as to their overall performance goals. This isn’t something a person will get with a fly-by-night company that seems to be in it for the cash rather than genuinely caring about the projects their clients complete.

Whether a person is new or experienced when it comes to car performance parts, a bit of extra expert advice can go a long way.

Competitive Prices

Because legit companies tend to have a hefty stream of sales flowing through and direct links with performance part manufacturers, they are often able to negotiate the best prices with part suppliers. These savings can be passed on to the customers.

Getting some quality performance parts into a vehicle isn’t going to be cheap, which is why it is so important to only work with reputable vendors. It saves a lot of money, while also ensuring that the products used are going to perform.


For anybody planning on installing performance parts in their vehicle, it is best to follow the advice that MbenzGram regularly stresses—that is, ensure that only legit performance part retailers are used. Not only will it guarantee a vehicle is loaded with the best parts for performance, but the price is kept low too.

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