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Marketing techniques for Instagram

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Are you looking for alternative methods to marketing your business and are considering using social media? Have you started using Instagram to help grow your business but aren’t too sure how to market properly on the platform?

These days many businesses, both big and small, are starting to make use of social media platforms as a way to quickly and efficiently market themselves to the public. Social media marketing has proven to be incredibly beneficial when it comes to marketing but it can be tricky to navigate if you don’t know what you are doing.

If you are looking to expand your business and market it on Instagram, this blog post is for you. Social media has become a major player in the way we do marketing nowadays. If you want to know how to use social media platforms like Instagram as a successful marketing tool for your business tool, here are a few tips.

Use a business profile

Everyone know and love the basic Instagram profile that you can set up as you download the app, but did you know that if your account is for a brand or business you can switch to a business profile and receive a whole lot more benefits from it. Instagram has realised just how many brands and businesses are making use of their platform now and wanted to make it more user friendly for the businesses. This is where the business profile comes in.

A business profile will allow you to have various call to action buttons in your bio, as well as access to the store front as a seller. On top of this you will also have access to different kinds of paid advertising or sponsored content the Instagram has to offer, as well as the growth services like Growthoid for followers, which will allow you to organically grow your account. Creating a business profile is relatively simple and is all about just changing up the profile type in your settings.

Use hashtags

By far one of the best tools for businesses and brands to make use of it they’re tyring to grow, is hashtags. Hashtags are essentially searchable keywords that you can include in the captions of your content. These hashtags can then be search by people who are interested in them and they can see every post that has been posted using it.

Hashtags are a brilliant way to not only reach a much larger audience, but also an audience that it more likely to fall part of your target market because you are refining your reach by using key words. You can either use popular hashtags that are related to your content or even create your own ones that you can use to encourage user generated content and manage analytics.

Influencers and advertisements

Influencers and advertisements social media markting

With so many people making use of Instagram, its no surprise that some users have managed to amass millions of followers. These are what we call influencers. Being an influencer is considered a job to these people and they will try to take advantage of any job opportunities they can find, and this includes supporting businesses in the ways of sponsored content. This is a great way to reach their incredibly large audience with a positive voice.

As a business, Instagram also allows you to post paid advertisements that will be pushed to users who fall part of your target market that don’t necessarily follow you just yet.

Use all methods

Instagram started out as just a place where you could post photos of your life to a timeline that your followers could see. These days, Instagram has taken note of the demand of their users and added in so many new and exciting features including, reels, stories, IGTV, and even live videos, on top of just the regular time line where you can now post both videos and photos.

The great thing about these new features is that they are far more interactive and they also give you various different platforms to post your content on multiple times a day which is a great way to reach the most amount of people possible, which means its great to use if you want new followers for Instagram. If you just choose to post on your timeline you end up missing out on a whole lot that Instagram has to offer you and your business.

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