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Make a Name for Yourself: 9 Unique Promotional Product Ideas to Grow Your Brand

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Brand awareness is one of the most important facets of marketing a company can focus on. In fact, 75% of customers are more likely to shop with a company they’re already familiar with than take a chance on a company they’re only hearing about. Promotional products are a great way to increase brand awareness in your community. Giving away promotional product ideas attracts attention, puts you in direct contact with potential consumers, and familiarizes them with your branding.

The question is, what kind of promotional products should you use?

Read on for nine unique promotional product ideas that you can start using this year to expand your brand awareness and consumer base!

9 unique promotional product ideas

1. Promotional T-Shirts

Some of the best branding ideas are also the most classic. A promotional t-shirt makes a great giveaway that people are guaranteed to take and wear.

The best part about promotional t-shirts? Anyone who puts one on instantly helps spread brand awareness further, reaching potential consumers you have not yet met.

2. Promotional Mugs or Water Bottles

Some promotional products offer a great branding opportunity and an opportunity to share your company’s values. Reusable mugs, thermoses, and water bottles are perfect for showing potential consumers that environmental preservation is important to your company. Pair these promotional products with a handout explaining your commitments to waste reduction and green production and you’ll really grab the attention of value-seeking consumers.

3. Promotional Hats

Once again, we’ve got a classic branding idea that works double-time to advertise your company. When it comes to promotional hats and visors, we’ve even got some strategy for you: hand them out at outdoor events. If it’s sunny and warm and you can offer some extra shade, you’ll soon see people wearing your branded hat all over the event grounds!

4. Promotional Toys

Do you run a business that caters to families and children? If so, why not engage parents and kids, too?

Promotional toys are a great way to show that your business is invested in the happiness of children. Promotional toys can include stuffed animals and plushies, as well as paddle ball sets, yo-yos, and even coloring books.

(Another fun idea? If your business is located in a neighborhood with a high rate of pet ownership, consider making promotional pet toys! Rubber bones and squeaky toys are a great option, as they’re well-loved by dogs and have a tendency to last longer than stuffed dog toys.)

5. Promotional Bags

Another way to express that you’re a steward of the environment and want to spread eco-friendly love is to create promotional bags that can be used for shopping. Want to up the ante? Encourage the use of your promotional bag by offering things like limited-time deals on your products to any customer who brings your bag to the shop.

6. Promotional Calendars

Promotional calendars can be a nice way to promote your business and engage with the community. You can partner with other local businesses and organizations to include relevant photos and event dates, providing useful information to your potential consumers. We recommend desk calendars or wall calendars!

7. Promotional Pens or Pencils

At the end of the day, you want your promotional products to be not only branded but also useful. When you hand out a useful promotional product, consumers are more likely to, well, use it! Everyone can always use a few spare pens and pencils, and these little promotional products are cost-effective and easy to design.

8. Promotional Stress Balls

Everyone can stand to blow off a little steam sometimes, and stress balls provide transportable, discreet stress relief. Stress balls can also be fun for children to play with! Hand out stress balls with your name and logo at your next event and people will be sure to get a kick out of them.

9. Promotional Office Supplies

Promotional office supplies are the epitome of a function meeting design opportunity. We have already mentioned desk calendars and writing utensils, but you can also create promotional folders, notepads, sticky pads, and more.

Promotional office supplies are some of the best promotional products for reaching out to other businesses. If you’re looking to create new partnerships or find new clients, consider using promotional office supplies. That way, other businesses are more likely to make use of your promotional products, and, as a result, they’ll be continuously reminded of the opportunity to work with you.

Where to Get High-Quality Promotional Products

If you are looking to take advantage of our best promo product ideas, you are going to need to partner with the right company. When you want to customize promotional products, you need to find a company that can handle a wide variety of high-quality printing at a cost that fits your budget.

We recommend taking a look at Team Concepts Printing. They can handle everything from designing your promotional products to printing and shipping them to your business. You can save money without sacrificing quality by working with this incredible printing and design team.

Amp Up Your Branding With These Promotional Product Ideas

Promotional products are a great way to spread brand awareness by giving people what they love: free and useful stuff! With our promotional product ideas, you can reach your most important potential customers (and clients) and familiarize them with your company. Get started with a great design team today!

Looking for more ways to increase brand awareness and build your consumer base? Take a look around at our content to get the latest industry information and tips that will help you launch your start-up into a long-term successful business!

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