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List of Top Telemarketing Companies

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It is a wrong notion that telemarketing is dead. The truth is that many small and even large businesses do incorporate this traditional strategy into their marketing practices. You should be aware of what the best telemarketing services comprise of before starting your research. A b2b telemarketing agency actively targets the services that show significant chances to do business with enterprises and creates sales leads, face-to-face appointments, participation at events, seminars, and other useful leads to ensure that your business sales teams are never idle. Rather, they provide assistance with campaign management, lead generation, etc. thus ensuring high ROI generation. A few companies even claim to have fully operational call center solutions, providing call forwarding, answering services and much more.

List of the top telemarketing services

1. Flatworld Solutions:

Flatworld solutions top telemarketing companies

They offer a variety of telemarketing and outsourcing services. Besides call centers, they offer software development design, photo editing, transcription services, data entry, design etc. Their call centers are located across the globe including the Philippines, India and the U.S. They have top quality infrastructure to match any client requirement. This company also leverages Salesforce, LiveAgent, Five9, HubSpot and Zendesk, etc. to improve their services. Some of the telemarketing services offered are:

  • B2B cold calling
  • Cold calling
  • B2C cold calling
  • Real estate cold calling
  • Outbound telemarketing
  • Inbound telemarketing
  • List marketing
  • Telemarketing consulting

2. Callbox:

Callbox lead generation

They specialize in B2B appointment setting and lead generation. Being among the top telemarketing companies, they can help develop your target high-value prospects and sales volume. They help qualify potential leads while setting appointments allowing you to do the follow-ups. They serve large companies like Forbes, HP, Motorola, ADT and DHL. They also offer services for event marketing, customer profiling databases and account-based marketing. This telemarketing company has been helping over 7,000 businesses for B2B lead generation. They have helped their clients by setting up over 520,000+ appointments.

3. Squeeze Media:

Squeeze media bpo business

This is among the best telemarketing services based in Utah, USA. They had launched their BPO business in 2009 and offer more personal relationship. They also provide B2C telemarketing services. With outbound and inbound calling mix, they can help sell your services and products. This full-service BPO firm has the essential tools and resources desired for success. They also provide services like:

  • Live transfers
  • Lead generation
  • Consultative sales
  • Lead development
  • Marketing automation
  • B2B pipeline development
  • Outbound customer retention
  • Inbound customer service

4. Go4customer:

Go4customer online reputation management

They offer comprehensive products & services including data management, strategic consulting, debt collection, app marketplace promotion, online reputation management, HR outsourcing, etc. They also offer inbound services, customer support, tech support, help desk solutions, product information requests, etc. The industries they serve includes:

  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Luxury
  • Travel
  • Real estate
  • Ecommerce, etc.

You can select any of the company from the above list of the top telemarketing services or do more research.

5. DialAmerica:

It is among the Top Telemarketing Companies to rely upon. They offer comprehensive marketing & sales solutions. This company has 19 call centers spread across the U.S making 100+ million calls annually. It also has 6 decades of rich experience. To establish customer rapport, the agents don’t read the scripts blindly. Rather, they get to learn active listening and sales skills to use persuasive and customized techniques. They also add some human touch to each calls made, thus engaging more customers. Their marketing campaigns are based on advanced reporting and data accumulated, always accessible and highly customizable. The agents use analytics that enable them to make adjustments and improve their campaigns quickly. Their call center providers offer services for appointment setting, lead generation, customer retention, customer service, customer acquisition and direct mail fulfillment. Some of the industries hiring their services include:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Ecommerce
  • Communications
  • B2B Sales & Service
  • Government
  • Communications
  • Publishing
  • Non-profit
  • Financial Services
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