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List of Top Female-Led Startups in the UK

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The entrepreneurship world is changing today as many people like to start a company to earn more income. A lot of women are becoming entrepreneurs in various sectors and running them successfully. Moreover, they implement new ideas in a business that contribute more to generate high profits. In the UK, the number of women entrepreneurs is increasing over recent years due to technological advancements. Some female-led startups featured in the fast growth categories in the UK motivating others to set up a company. Besides that, they are highly recognized by other entrepreneurs for their hard work and other achievements.

Knowing more about top female-led startups in the UK

1. Starling Bank

Starling bank

Starling Bank is one of the leading banks in the UK that has an asset of over £143m. The bank founded by Anne Boden is the best banking provider as per the 2020 British Bank awards. It allows businesses to control their finance by managing personal bank accounts, current bank account, and joint account. Moreover, the digital bank employs 40% women and raised nearly £75m in the year 2019.

2. MySense


MySense is a health analytics platform founded by Lucie Glenday in 2016 that offers solutions for health problems. The platform’s cutting edge technology aims at tailoring the needs of people with artificial intelligence to live a healthy life. At present, it has a net worth of nearly £60m that offers better job opportunities for women.

3. Neyber


Neyber is a financial startup company founded by Monica Kalia in the year 2014 that has nearly 1 million employees. The company offers services for employees to manage their financial health with ease. It is a financial well-being platform that enables employees to borrow loans at the best rates. The total fundraised by the company is nearly £150m and is expected to increase in coming years. Apart from that, the company even partners with employers to support their employees when they want to know salary-deducted loans.

4. PensionBee


Pension management is necessary for both men and women in the modern world when they retire from work. PensionBee is a SaaS platform that offers services for those who want to manage their pension plans in one account. Founded by Romina Savova in the year 2014, the company started raising funds in 2015. It has a net worth of around £93.1m which aims at offering the best services to customers with cutting-edge technologies.

5. KanDy Therapeutics

KanDy Therapeutics is a startup company founded by Dr. Mary Karr in the year 2017. The main objective of the company is to explore new methods for reducing the menopause symptoms of women. It has a valuation of nearly£89.4m and aims at generating more revenues in upcoming years.

6. Made.com

This is an online e-commerce platform that offers designer furniture items at affordable prices to customers. Founded by Chloe Macintosh in the year 2009, the company allows people who want to buy furniture items at affordable prices. The company has three other women co-founders who contribute more to the growth in the markets. It has funding of nearly £101 million which will increase in coming years.

7. Century Tech

Century tech

It is an award-winning platform founded by Priya Lakhani in the year 2013. The company uses artificial intelligence that aims at teaching science and neuroscience to educational institutions in the UK. Apart from that, the platform guides teachers and mentors to develop powerful assessment data. Century Tech is one of the topmost female-led startups in the UK that has funding of nearly£18 million. The platform is the best option for home learning purposes that will help score high marks.

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