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List of Top 5 Emerging Technologies for Business (2021)

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With the New Year 2021 fast approaching, innovation leaders should take into consideration a few emerging technologies for business. The trends associated with technology seem to change & evolve at a rapid pace. It has become important for organizations of all types, sizes & geographical locations to adopt it at the earliest. This will help them to be in business & overcome competition. Industry experts claim some future tech trends which can be safely stated to be much more than mere hype. As per reports, these technologies are reported to show immense assurance of providing companies with a significant competitive advantage. The coming 5-10 years’ time is likely to benefit companies by adopting such modern techniques.

Choosing the right state-of-the-art technology for your business

But which type of emerging technology to adopt for your business is best determined by its specific needs & requirements. Experts are of the strong belief that each emerging technology developed is advancing at varying rates. Moreover, within each technology are hidden in several generic use cases. Hence, technology leaders across the globe are compelled to have a thorough look at the list of emerging technologies. This will help them to recognize if the technology to be adopted is mature to be deployed within their organization. You need to select one that fits perfectly with your business needs. Only then can its use be optimized to a large extent & derive higher ROI.

List of emerging technologies

1. Augmented human

Technologies emerging in this particular realm include emotion AI, biotech, immersive workspaces, augmented intelligence, personification & biochips. Augmented humans are more about offering immersive experiences to people. This can be either by providing physical experiences such as prosthetic limbs or via immersive workspaces. In the latter, you can work freely & virtually from anywhere without any geographical restriction.

2. Mobility & sensing

You may consider both to be different things. However, they are related closely to one another. Sensing enables mobility. To adopt both technologies in your organization, identify their use cases. Find out if your organization requires AR cloud, 3D sensing cameras, autonomous driving, flying autonomous vehicles and light-cargo delivery drones. These are part of the emerging technologies for businesses in this category to adopt without much delay.

3. Analytics & Advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence is stated to be a pervasive trend as it pervades all these trends. Its uses include edge AI, adaptive machine learning, explainable AI, edge analytics & PaaS (AI platform as service). The other uses include graph analytics, generative adversarial networks & transfer learning. Significant advancements are also being made in the field of AI algorithms. It determines how to democratize & where to use AI. Its reach has extended from giant tech to end-user organizations. creating quite more responsive, adaptive & challenging gaming platforms such as Bluechip

4. Digital ecosystems

Digital ecosystems

Ecosystems prevailed right from the inception of businesses. However, digital ecosystems determine how friction is getting reduced in business ecosystems by implementing digital technologies. Besides this, it has also become decentralized, thus allowing greater control by end-users over valuable data. It also has helped reduce internet giants’ power in the domain. Decentralized autonomous & web, synthetic data, knowledge graphs & DigitalOps are a few examples of such emerging technologies.

5. Communications & Postclassical compute

Both are persistent for over three decades now. They determine how to deploy the underlying technologies in a variety of ways. LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites are a good example of this technology. How we commute & connect globally has completely evolved with satellites. Such technologies should be adopted if there are found use-cases for next-generation memory, 5G, nanoscale 3D printing & LEO systems.

You can undertake thorough research on the list of emerging technologies given above to know more about them.

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