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HomeTipsIs Now the Right Time for You to Buy a Property?

Is Now the Right Time for You to Buy a Property?

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Purchasing a property for the first time is a significant decision, and so it makes sense to ensure that you are fully ready before buying a property. But, the question is, how do you know that now is the right time? You may be wondering whether there is ever the right time to take the leap and purchase a home. You can always be sure that life will have some curveballs to throw you along the way, so buying a home will always carry a degree of risk. Without having a crystal ball and predicting the future, the best that you can do is to assess the risk level and weigh up whether there are more reasons for you to go ahead and purchase a home than there are not to do it. Here are some of the main factors to consider to help you reach your decision about whether to go ahead and buy a home:


One of the most common reasons that people put off purchasing a home is the cost. Being able to afford and get a mortgage in the UK is a big concern for many prospective homeowners and it can be a worry. Deciding whether you can afford a home is worth investigating thoroughly before you begin looking around for a property. You may find that you can borrow much more than you initially thought, or you may discover that you will be restricted to a lower amount than you had hoped for. Using a mortgage loan calculator will enable you to develop a far more precise picture of what you can borrow. From there, you should be able to understand how much your monthly mortgage payments could be. You will need to weigh up the loan repayment figures and assess whether they will be affordable. Don’t forget to consider the other expenses associated with homeownership, such as insurance and homeowner association fees, and include those within your affordability calculations. 

Understanding the costs involved in owning a home will help you to make an informed decision.



Taking on a mortgage requires you to be able to make the repayments on time. Carefully calculating the affordability of your mortgage based on your current wage is essential. But it is also vital to consider the stability of your current job. If you do not earn a guaranteed salary each year, you may find that some months it is a real challenge to be able to find the money for your mortgage payments. Being in this situation of living paycheck to paycheck can put you under a lot of pressure and cause you stress. Before you commit to taking out a mortgage and buying a home, it is wise to assess your job security and decide if now is the best time to take on additional financial responsibility. You may choose to go ahead with buying a property, but just not push your finances to the limit of your affordability. This will ensure that your monthly repayments are lower and more affordable. 

If you do work in a job that has limited stability, you may want to create some added security for yourself to ensure that you are always able to cover your mortgage payments. Building up your savings so that you have enough money readily available to cover several months of mortgage payments and bills will give you extra peace of mind.


If you are currently living in a rental home, you will know that there are many positive reasons to live in rented accommodation. For starters, when something goes wrong with the property, you can leave it to someone else to take care of the issue. Whether the problem is a flooded bathroom caused by a burst pipe or the heating system stops working, none of these expensive repair jobs will need to be paid for by yourself. As a homeowner, when something goes wrong, the burden of responsibility falls to you to deal with. If you are someone who relishes the responsibility of being able to make your own decisions and problem-solving, then living in rental accommodation can be frustrating. When you own your property, you will have control of your home and be free to put your own stamp on it without needing to ask for permission from a landlord.

Final Thoughts

Thinking about the above factors is essential when deciding whether to buy a home. Carefully considering all the facts is the best way to make an informed decision and to feel confident in your choice.

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