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Is It Time to Start Being a Freelance Software Engineer?

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Software engineers are the driving force behind the computer-based, modern world we live in. Any company that carries out online activities needs a software engineer, because that is the person who makes sure everything runs smoothly in the online space. Because this job is in such high demand, many software engineers prefer to work freelance, as they can run several projects at the same time, usually on terms that have been pre-discussed and based on the experience they have.

Many software engineers have a preferred sector that they like focusing on, but nowadays there are a lot of industries in need of programming skills. For example, one particular industry that is spending a lot of time, money, and effort on developing the best possible platform with the help of software engineers is iGaming. The responsibility is on their shoulders to ensure slot games load instantly, live casinos are fair, and payments are secured and processed fast. Besides keeping up the website, software engineers also need to ensure it is mobile-friendly since mobile gaming has risen considerably.

The advantages of freelancing

As mentioned above, plenty of companies across a variety of sectors are on the lookout for software engineers. By far, the biggest advantage of choosing to freelance is flexibility. When you are not tied down by a contract, you get to choose which projects to get involved with and how much of your time to allocate to each one. This is particularly great for those who don’t have that much experience and would like to build up their portfolio.

Advantages of freelancing software engineer freelance

Choosing to freelance and work for yourself can seem like an intimidating decision to make, but it comes with enough benefits to outbalance a full-time job. You can come up with your own schedule and you can work from anywhere in the world. This type of freedom powers your personal growth and your ability to adapt to new situations and helps you design a work mindset that matches your individual needs.

Freelancing vs. a big tech company

Unless you are working for one of the FAANG companies (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google), where there are great incentives and an environment to develop and network at the highest standards, then working full time at a tech company might not be for you. Not all software engineer roles are created equally and employees tend to feel like a liability after a short while. There is also a strict schedule that they need to adhere to and not that much room for creativity.

Of course, when you know you are employed by a company you get a feeling of certainty that the money will come to you on payday. However, that is not ever-lasting and you need to prove yourself constantly. That kind of pressure might not be for everyone and, in some cases, it can cause burnout.

Working as a freelance software engineer means you need to invest in yourself and put your skills out there. It allows you to learn more with every project, develop your creativity, and build a one-of-a-kind portfolio. It requires time management and organizational skills to push and motivate yourself, but when the work is rewarding, it is a small price to pay.

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