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Interesting Lead Generation Tools for Your Website!

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Qualified leads are essential for the growth and success of any business. For more than 80% of companies around the world, converting leads to customers is a big challenge. However, this challenge needs to be met and won for successful business experience. Over the years, the number of channels for generating leads and effective marketing has increased by leaps and bounds. Indeed, there are too many options; that making a choice has become difficult. With this being said, here are few lead generating tools to help your business.

The ultimate aim of these tools is to boost your leads and ensure a profit in the long run.

1. OptInMonster 

Optinmonster lead generation tools

Have you ever wondered if a small pop up can connect your business with thousands of potential customers? Well, the world has evolved so much that popping up the right message to the correct person can translate to business. OptinMonster is an application that makes use of this strategy. It generates pop up dialogs that can be used to capture information about the online visitor. If an online user is happy with the content on your site, they can choose to fill the form.

Challenge: When you want to use OptInMonster you must have an appropriate place for the chat. Ensure that it adds value to your webpage, and is reachable. 

2. Discover.ly

Discoverly lead generation tools

Social media is a gigantic source of information. If a business can go through every social media website and filter customers – they’d become famous and successful in no time. Unfortunately, it would take centuries for anyone to sift through social media websites. This is where discover.ly becomes relevant.

How to use it? Do you have Gmail? If yes, a simple email from any user can enr-oute you to their list of friends, social channels and locations. With the help of discover.ly, you can decode each of these details easily.  

3. ContactOut

Contactout logo

ContactOut is primarily a tool used to find email addresses and phone numbers. It is a Chrome extension that adds a sidebar overlay over LinkedIn and GitHub, providing you with an easy way to search for your lead’s contact information right on their profile. Installing the extension also gives you access to a dashboard which gives you access to a number of useful features. The main page of the dashboard lets you create folders and organize and export your list. Meanwhile, the search portal enables you to find more leads through filters like their job position and past companies. It also has a Mail Merge feature that lets you directly send email templates to your leads right on the same platform.

4. Lusha 

Lusha lead generation tools

Are you focused on generating leads from LinkedIn? If yes, you’d find Lusha extremely useful. Instead of scouting through profiles, you can use Lusha to get an account of great potentials that would be relevant to you. This tool is designed to scan the internet for names, addresses, and email ids. When the app finds relevant information, you will see a small pop-up on your screen.

5. Intercom 

Intercom lead generation tools

Last but certainly not least, you have intercom. What this application does is: It places a chatbox on websites and tries to connect with visitors. If someone is interested, they can share their details and initiate a conversation.

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