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Instagram Marketing Trends Every Marketing Should Implement

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Instagram is getting more popular. In this post, we want to share with you the latest Instagram trends on social media marketing that still work. You can use these tips into your daily campaigns and increase visibility and brand awareness easily. For instance, we will talk on how to gain more Instagram followers successfully without posting too much content, etc. 

Use of all types of content

Post formats for feeds and stories cover a wide range of users. For trend followers, there are even more opportunities to grab attention and grow subscribers. You can keep your interest by creating masks, videos for IGTV, Reels, guides. Monotony should be avoided and all existing content types should be applied.

Increasing the advertising budget for bloggers

Targeted advertising prices are constantly increasing. Please note – users do not perceive intrusive direct ads. At the same time, the number of authoritative bloggers is steadily increasing, whose opinions are listened to by those around them. Instagrammers can have a very small audience, but a constant one.

A lot of microbloggers with low advertising prices make it possible to offer something (goods and services) in exchange for a post or story – by barter. The cost of one post from a popular blogger can go up to $1000 and more, the price of a story – up to $500. A micro-influencer with up to 10,000 subscribers will willingly agree to less.

Longreads (tips, tricks) and texts

The appearance of a section with tips is a consequence of a very recent update on Instagram. According to experts, longreads will be found on the pages of bloggers more and more often, gradually but surely replacing posts. This feature makes it much easier to find publications.

With the help of a longread, you can not only find what you need in the Instagram feed, but also watch events from his life. Despite the fact that the tool is completely new and is not yet actively used, many rushed to learn the intricacies of working with it. Experts predict an increase in the popularity of longreads, primarily due to the extremely simple work with them.

Hashtags as an alternative to paid promotion

This powerful tool has begun to be actively used again and is experiencing a rebirth. A hashtag is a free and effective way to promote your search for bloggers, especially when it comes to highly specialized topics. Applying the right hashtag has a significant impact on the number of engaged channel audiences.

What will not add popularity and cause massive unsubscriptions from Instagram?

Warm-ups in stories

strategy that has long boring everyone, for example:

  • free checklists;
  • calls to attend the webinar;
  • offer to take short-term training courses, training, etc.

The technique is considered manipulative and usually does not resonate with the audience.

Template approach

Instagram marketing trends

Boring pages with identical posts is another common mistake. Many people believe that a feed in the same style with the same type of photos taken while traveling and visiting expensive restaurants creates recognition for subscribers. But identical tapes are always annoying. Variety is in trend.

Fake intrigues

The technique, when a blogger “inflates” the intrigue, but then “forgets” about the topic and promotes a product or service, does not work. The audience instantly recognizes hype, chatter on the net and empty promises. The result is massive unsubscriptions. Does this mean that there is no need to hype? Of course not. This is absolutely normal for Instagram. But maintaining the trust of subscribers is the main task.


In the new year 2021, sincerity and friendliness of users are in trend. The blogger’s openness, his ability to communicate, share what he cares about, constant willingness to make contact and rejection of boring standards are appreciated. If you want to attract attention, try to be different from others. Find something that distinguishes you.

The thesis about the most important in Instagram 2021:

  1. The style of storytelling plays a huge role.
  2. You don’t need to overuse Photoshop at all. Photos should look stylish, but organic and simple. Such pictures inspire confidence.
  3. Longreads appear in user accounts.
  4. Additional features will also appear thanks to new technical details (described in the article).
  5. Developers will take care of business owners and provide them with even more tools to increase sales and improve the efficiency of promoting products and services online.
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