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India’s Fastest Growing Online Legal Services Firm- Afleo

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Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve- Napoleon Hill.

In today’s competitive world, every business wants to stand unique. Many Start-ups and entrepreneurs come up with the best business ideas but lack in legal knowledge. An Organization, whether it is big or small, has to concentrate on the legitimate part of its business. Legal services play an essential role in every business organization. Those businesses which fail to follow, undergo various legal problems and end up facing legal loss. Afleo.com provides you with a standard and unique services policy compared to any other legal services company. Hence it is the fastest-growing legal services firm which helps every start-up to reach its success path.

What was the motive behind the start?

Our founder Mr. Keval Shah has pointed out that many young entrepreneurs struggle to start their businesses. Afleo provides online services not only to benefit the entrepreneur in the nearby cities but also to those who are settling their business in the nook and corner of the nearby town. There are many traditional companies that provide legal services, charge a very high cost, are very time-consuming, and have specific area coverage. Therefore, Keval Shah introduced a one-stop solution for start-ups by providing online services at reasonable prices. For entrepreneurs who face difficulties regarding the legalities of their business, we offer expert advice and knowledge for them to enjoy more benefit for their business organization.

How does Afleo run?

How does afleo run  legal services

For starting any business, registration is the first step that every entrepreneur begins with. The legal root is a must in any industry. Which type of company to choose? This is the scenario an entrepreneur faces while registering his company. Nothing to worry, about here, Afleo will act as a backbone. It also provides various legal services such as Company Registration, Trademark Registration, GST Consultation, Annual Compliance of Companies, Income Tax Returns, Intellectual Property Rights, and various other services such as FSSAI Registration, Import Export Code, GST Registration, MSME Registration, and Digital Signature Certificate.

Another query that pops up in the mind of an entrepreneur is that after company registration, what’s next? Here, they are guided by the professionals like CA and CS which is at an affordable price. Afleo’s idea is Starting up a business in India is quite simple.” Therefore, we have a team of Professionals, including Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, Lawyers, Chartered Engineers, and Bankers all under one roof to achieve our Mission. With us, entrepreneurs can go through this process very easily and, and the end of it decide whether to opt in or not.

How Afleo supports Perfect women:

Perfect Women is a firm that carries out activities related to women’s entertainment. They are under categories such as Magazine, Fashion show, etc. Previously they were not aware of the legal criteria that would benefit their business.

Their business was running successfully. But the problem was that they didn’t register their business under company law. After our expert advice and suggestions, they registered their business which made them a legal entity.  Registration is a must in any kind of business. and even trademark plays an important role. Perfect Women didn’t have trademark registration so even when Perfect Women was well established in the market; there were chances of stealing the goodwill and the brand identity of their product. Then Afleo came into the picture and made sure that the trademark registration process was done. So that Perfect Women can now stand in the market as a trademark-registered company.

In this way, Afleo encouraged Perfect Women to stay unique and supported them to set a mark in their field. Afleo provides great expert advice which helps every organization to grow at an affordable cost.

What is Afleo future goal?

Our motive is to provide the best customer service and to hold their hand throughout the business cycle. Currently, we have incorporated around 500+ start-ups and our future goal is to reach out our services even to an ordinary man at affordable prices. Afleo.com majorly conducts its business digitally and focuses on the faster-growing use of technology in its field. So that people’s dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur should turn into reality.

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