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Importance Of Choosing An Ideal Domain Name For Your Personal Brand Website

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Your personal brand is your ticket to success, but only if you measure your steps and do your research. Online presence plays a crucial role nowadays since people use the internet to look for new products and services. And considering that people’s attention is getting diminished, which is why it’s essential to focus on eye-catching and interesting content and visuals in order to keep potential clients and attract new ones. Your domain name can help you there, so read on to find out more.

Make sure that it’s easy to remember

When choosing a domain, be sure to pick something that is easy to remember. This is why dot com is such a popular option. However, you can also choose something different that will shine a light on your unique brand. The complex domains can make your brand/website seem confusing and difficult to memorize. Having a catchy or memorable domain will make spreading the word much easier and more fun, that’s for sure.

Originality matters

A domain name should also be original in order to be memorable. Think of the times you remembered something just because it was unique. Now apply that same recipe here. Going with a generic domain is a sure thing, but if you want to elevate your brand from your competition, it’s advisable to focus on fresh and original ideas. So if you consider yourself a creative person, then feel free to go for a catchy made-up name that will help you stand out from generic ideas employed by everyone else in your field, market or industry.

Do your research

This is the crucial step that will make it easier to pick your perfect domain. Not all domains have the equal potential to captivate new visitors. Also, make sure to take your brand identity and your product into consideration. For example, if your personal brand is all about you as an individual, then choosing a .me domain is a great way to raise awareness about yourself and reach new audiences. Opting for a lesser-used domain might seem risky, but it can do wonders for your personal brand.

Do your research

Keep it short

A short domain name is easy to remember, especially if it’s also unique. According to research, the common name length is about 12 characters, so let that be your guide. If you need more than 12 characters, then try to find a workaround that will make it easy to create a catchy domain name. Something that is popular will also help your brand receive more web traffic, which is a huge advantage. So always keep in mind that shorter often is always better. However, in case short is not an option, then be sure to make it brandable.

It should be easy to type

Sure, many websites and computers use spelling checkers nowadays. But that’s not always the case. Hence, you should aim to come up with a domain name that is easy to type, such as Google, Uber and Instagram, to name only a few. If your brand name (together with your domain) is easy to spell, you’ll have fewer issues attracting new website visitors, and therefore, potential clients. The last thing you want is people who misspell your brand name or domain, and then end up on a totally different website!

Check for previous trademarks

Imagine you coming up with a perfect brand name, and then finding the best domain. Everything seems perfect, and then you realize that the name’s already been trademarked by someone else. That’s quite a blow, so in order to avoid that, be sure to check if your brand/domain has previous trademarks. There are many online databases and other resources that can help you there, so be sure to search thoroughly. This will also save you from potential legal issues, which can be extremely helpful if you’re currently building your brand from the scratch.

Your brand’s domain name can have a significant impact on your business’s success and longevity. Therefore, be sure to do your research and employ tips that can help you come up with a discoverable, unique and catchy domain name. All of that will make your personal brand website more memorable and special.

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