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How You Can Claim Your UK Tax Back

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Reports have shown that around 90% of foreign workers in the UK have actually overpaid tax. This is partially due to the way that HMRC assigns tax codes.  If you have worked in the UK before, you could be eligible for a tax refund from the UK revenue service. It is important that you know how to go about claiming these taxes once you have left the country.

The possibility of getting the rebate from HMRC will rely heavily on whether or not you sorted everything out before you left the UK. To file the UK tax return properly, you will need to have certain documents.

Did You File A P85 Form?

To ensure that you will get a refund, you will need to inform HMRC that you are going to leave the UK and complete the P85 form. This document will help to determine if you will be a non-resident if you were a resident. It will also free you from any further tax returns in the UK and it is available online via the HMRC website.

You are also going to need a P45 form. This is a certificate that outlines the pay and tax deduction by your UK employer. You will generally get this form from your employer when you stop working and it will have 3 different sections.

How To File A Tax Return After Working In The UK

You will need to send the necessary tax documents to HMRC. This is something that needs to be done even if you leave half-way through the UK tax year because you will be entitled to a tax refund from your personal allowance. All you will have to send for this is the complete P85 with section 2 and 3 of the P45. It is important that you make a copy of all the documents that you send to HMRC for your records.

Ideally, you should be filing your UK tax return while you are still in the country.  This ensures that any problems you have can be sorted out easily, but it is not a major problem.  If you have already left the country and are back home, you may want to consider working with a reputable tax agent in the UK who can handle everything for you.  When you work with these agents, they will collect the funds for you and pay you the owing balance and tax refund loans available now for financial emergency on online

Leave A UK Bank Account Open

The tax refund that you get will be paid into a UK bank account so you will want to leave one open if you have it. If you have already closed all of your accounts, you can make arrangements with a friend or a family member in the country to have the refund paid into their bank account instead. However, HMRC will also be able to issue a check which can be sent to your address abroad. The only issue with this is the fact that you might not be able to cash it.

What If You Were Self-Employed

If you were self-employed, it can be a bit more complicated to get your tax back from HMRC.  You will still have to complete the P85 form, but you will also need to file a self-assessment tax return within a certain period.  The length of time will vary depending on when you stopping working or running your business is a particular tax year.

You also need to ensure that you gave informed HMRC or the local tax office that you have already left the country so you can be removed from the system. If you do not do this, you will incur fines for not having filed your self-assessment on time for the next tax year. It is possible that your UK tax agent should be able to do this for you if you have already left the country.

There are a number of factors that you have to consider when you are filing for your tax refund. This is particularly true if you have already left the UK. Hiring a tax agent will make the process less stressful and you need to consider this.

There can be a lot of chance to get a tax rebate and if you look back at your previous earnings, you may be surprised at the sheer number of chances there are out there for it. Our advice is to do so and then to put in a claim as it can be a notable benefit to your personal finances and doesn’t even have to be hard to do.

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