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How to Set Up Your Startup’s First Office

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Going from the bedroom, the shed, or the kitchen to your very own office space is a huge step for a startup to make. It’s symbolic of your progress so far and your confidence in finding further profitability in the future. But it’s also an additional expense and more for you to organize, just as your fledgling business is becoming more hectic and demanding. As such, we’ve drawn together this handy guide to show you what you’ll need to take care of to make your transition into your first-ever office a seamless success.


The location of your office is the most important factor for you to consider deeply. Here, you’ll want to think about price versus prestige. For instance, setting up an office in the very center of your local city will communicate ambition and class – but that comes at a high cost of rent. Meanwhile, setting up out in the sticks won’t endear you to future employees, but it’ll be cheap. Most startups opt for a middle-ground, finding fashionable office spaces in cheaper areas of cities that can be reached easily by a variety of public and private transport.


As a startup, you want your office space to reflect the ethos that you’re trying to espouse. For tech-heavy startups, that might be a Silicon Valley-style aesthetic, while for professional services firms, you might be looking at something smarter and more impressive. Whatever you’re going for, make sure that you shop around for the office furniture and features that you feel will bring your brand and office space to life. Bring in branded stationery, signage, and other items, too, in order to make your office space clearly your own.

Tips to set up your startup’s first office


With rent covered and office furniture on the way, it’s time to concentrate on the bills you’ll be paying. You’ll need access to the internet in your office, as well as electricity to power your computers and lights, and water to run in the kitchen and bathrooms. All of these cost cash. But the good news is that you can compare providers to find the very best price for your firm. Bring down your business electricity bills by using online price comparison sites to ensure you’re paying as little as possible for the bills that are associated with your very first office.


Now that your office is ready to open its doors, it’s well worth inaugurating it with a party. Invite not just your staff, colleagues, and their family but also friends who’ve watched you toiling on your startup from its early beginnings to this point of progress. This is a milestone event that you should be proud of – and this office space deserves to be welcomed in with style. As such, putting on a one-night party in your new office space is the perfect way to create the fun, ambitious atmosphere you want in your office going forward.

Use these tips to set up your startup’s first office with ease, avoid needless stress, and ready your firm for a new, more profitable chapter.

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