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How To Set Up Amazon Echo Dot And Tap 

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Click on the URL i.e., on Alexa amazon and download the Alexa app to set up the Amazon Echo device. The Amazon Echo is a smart speaker used as a personalized device that works on voice commands while you’re busy doing other work. The built-in microphone is designed to hear voice commands and sets the alarm, play music, briefs weather reports, read news and bedtime stories for your kids, and more. Are you looking for amazon echo setup for your home here are simple steps listed below.

 Amazon Echo Setup 

Amazon echo setup amazon echo

To set up and know how to set up echo dot, one must make sure if you have the latest and updated version of Alexa prior in hand and then choose the devices icon in the Alexa app and continue to select “+” image and follow the instructions displays on the screen.

Meanwhile, to set up the WiFi, go to the left navigation panel on the left side of the screen and choose to add a new connection or opt to update the WiFi connection. Long hold on the action button enables the light ring to change its color to orange and displays the list of open networks on the screen. Add the system you want to connect and enter the password if required. However, choose ‘Add network’ if you would want to connect to a hidden network.

Easy Steps To Amazon Alexa 

Buying the Amazon tap and set up the device is effortless and straightforward. For beginners, all you have to do is plug-in the device and then switch ‘ON’ it. The device automatically connects to the existing WiFi network and connects your new Amazon Tap to your mobile device from IOS or Android Alexa mobile application. Here on, you will be able to initialize the process without any errorsand your new Amazon Echo Tap is ready to use.

Simple Setup For Amazon Echo Device 

Simple setup for amazon echo device  alexa app

The configuration of the Amazon Echo helps you to have your own prime account of Amazon and enables exciting opportunities to enjoy the features at best. After the completion of the Amazon setup, Alexa will now be able to use its in-built skills to receive and respond to your voice commands, respectively.

Nine Steps Down To Install Amazon Echo

  • Connect to your WiFi and download the Amazon Alexa from the Appstore
  • Plug-in to Echo
  • Choose Bluetooth to pair up Echo and device
  • Allow the Echo to heard your voice
  • Run trial and error to know if Alexa if receiving your command.
  • Make some necessary changes in settings if any and allow Alexa to know about your likes and dislikes
  • Start conversation
  • Set up routine like setting up the first alarm of the day at 6’ clock AM
  • Connect to other appliances and know your schedule. If you are lagging behind in your paperwork, finish it ASAP.

Use Amazon Alexa With Android Like A Boss 

Even Android users can use Alexa like a boss and utilize the time. Now, setting-up Alexa for android is hassle-free. Follow these tips, they are:

  • Look for Alexa app on your android list
  • Click and open the Alexa app
  • Press and allow button and permit to open the microphone
  • Start conversation with Alexa
Why Should We Use ALEXA? 
  • Easily connects to smart devices and it can be controlled by Alexa
  • It plays as a Bluetooth speaker
  • Comes with multiple in-built features
  • Receives and answer to your command
  • Calls and texts your family and friends for you
  • Keep your updates with all the latest news
  • Gives you options for cooking dinner
  • Always help you to safely reach and locate the place
  • Plays as a personal assistant and reminds you about your schedule

Thus, uninterrupted good bandwidth active WiFi is all that is needed for Amazon Alexa to function effectively.

Conclusion: How to set up echo dot and download of Amazon is an entirely independent third party service provider for all the kinds of peripheral devices for home and office use.

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