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How to Run a More Eco-Friendly Business

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There are over 30 million businesses in the United States, which works out to one business for every 10 people. Only some of these businesses will be successful, though.

Business is often a trial-by-fire experience with a steep learning curve, and one of the most important traits for success is adaptability. These days, adaptability often means finding more environmentally-friendly ways to conduct business.

How do you create an eco-friendly business, though, and how do you make an existing business ‘greener?’ While your options are going to vary a bit depending on what business you’re in, there are steps we can all take to help the environment. We’ll talk about a few of them in this article.

1. Use Less

This advice sounds a bit obvious and oversimplified, but it’s quite easy in reality. Using less could, and often does, refer to any number of things, but cutting back on even a few of them can make a difference.

Do you have any lights on when you don’t need them? If you do need them, could you make them dimmer without hurting productivity?

What about computers? Do you always work on the computer or can you afford to turn it off for a while?

2. Use Recycled Products

What you can’t use less of you might be able to reuse. Some materials, like paper and wood, can be bought recycled. A great example of companies doing this is Proctor and Gamble.

This company is using recycled products, and in many places is creating no waste while making their products. Some companies have done away with plastic products in favor of greener alternatives, like cloth bags instead of plastic ones.

3. Encourage Sustainable Practices

Perhaps the simplest solution is to practice environmentalism in the office. Setting up recycling bins and encouraging employees to use them can go a long way.

In addition to recycling, you could also turn off lights in rooms you’re not using or open windows on sunny days to cut down on electric lighting.

How to make your business more environmentally friendly

4. Renewable Energy

Consumption of fossil fuels is the biggest crisis facing our world today, so switching to a more sustainable source is a great choice. Among the most popular choices for sustainable energy is solar power.

BluePower Plus+™ can help you with the installation of solar panels, which can not only make you a more eco-friendly business but will save you money in the long run. That’s because generating your own power will lower your energy bills.

Creating a More Eco-Friendly Business

Having an eco-friendly business can help you in many ways. It will attract more customers and can save you money in day-to-day operations. There’s also the obvious benefit of helping the environment.

There’s no shortage of ways a company can try to protect and improve the world around them. We’ve discussed a few steps you might take in the paragraphs above, but people are resourceful and are always coming up with new ways to solve a problem.

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