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How to Return to Work While Grieving the Death of a Parent

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The death of someone we treasure comes with painful grief that can be hard to bear. It can take a toll on both your emotional and physical well-being. While many companies offer bereavement leave, it rarely lasts for more than five days. After that, employers will expect you to resume your duties without fail.

Losing a parent is one of the most significant losses anyone can ever go through. When you return to work after such a tragedy, your co-workers don’t know how to handle your pain. That adds to your challenges because you are already finding it tough to stay productive while processing the pain. Here are some practical pointers to get you through:

1. Be kind to your soul

If there is one time you deserve lots of compassion, it’s now. Take all the time you require and appreciate that there aren’t any timelines for grieving. For starters, you can hire professional funeral services in London to help you plan the burial. Remember that although work deadlines must be met, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the one to meet them. Ask for help from your co-workers and boss when you are overwhelmed. Whenever you feel alone, remind yourself that you can welcome assistance by inviting others to offer it.

2. Find a safe spot to retreat

Find a safe spot to retreat

Whether it is a local park or a chill-out space in your office, get a place you can retreat to in case an unexpected wave of emotion hits you. Whenever you are working and you feel overwhelmed by the loss of your parent, you can step away to the “safe spot” until you are ready to go back to your office. That way, you will have a way to release both negative and positive emotions. Understand that grieving can’t be timed, which means it might take years to recover.

3. Keep moving

Losing a parent is bound to make you feel like giving up. You are likely to shut down everything so that you have time to handle the emotions. However, this is the biggest mistake a grieving child can ever make. Don’t allow the wave of darkness and despair to hit you. The best way around this is through action. Going to work after the burial is a good idea because it keeps you moving. Maintain a routine and focus on things outside of your grief.

4. Work on self-healing

Work on self-healing

Appreciate that life must move on without your parents. For this to happen, you must be open to working on your inner healing. Understand where you stand emotionally and don’t fight the natural course of sorrow. It is advisable to talk to a psychiatrist or grief counselor if you feel the need for help coping with your emotions. Such assistance is not a sign of weakness but rather a willingness to move in the right direction.

After losing a parent, you might be wondering when you will go back to “your old self.” You will realize that you can’t because you have evolved into a new person. Picking up your pieces is difficult but possible. Follow these suggestions for a smoother transition.

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