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How to Purchase Video Games on PCs and Consoles Using Cryptocurrencies

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Most people were unprepared for the impressive growth of the video game business, especially during the past ten years, it is fair to say. In actuality, this is especially true of Bitcoin (BTC) and the blockchain business. Both industries have grown into multibillion-dollar industries and are the catalysts for numerous technological advances. Many exciting new innovations that will soon become a part of our daily lives were made possible thanks to the inventors of these industries.

But what is fascinating is how these two sectors may work best together in terms of fast purchases and frictionless micro-transactions.

With Bitcoin Payments, Retailers Increase Their Consumer Base

Undoubtedly one of the most onerous groups of people is the gaming community. Major gaming niche players have been forced to constantly evolve quickly by their need for innovations and breakthroughs. Since those in the gaming industry are constantly trying to keep up with never-sleeping rivals, their community is far more open to unexpected change as long as it has a favorable effect.

Blockchain technology can help in this situation. Some video game businesses saw an opportunity to serve their tech-savvy population when cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum began to gain popularity. They quickly came to understand the size and potential of the burgeoning cryptocurrency marketplaces.

It is understandable that game sellers are seeking ways to limit bitcoin aficionados’ enormous purchasing power. After all, giving customers more payment choices for merchants only helps them attract more customers.

How to Purchase Video Games Using Cryptos

How to purchase video games using cryptos online gaming services

You can utilize one of the following methods to spend your hard-earned cryptocurrency winnings and purchase games with bitcoin. You can use your bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) to pay for gaming gift cards through CoinGate or at other gaming businesses that currently accept cryptocurrency payments.

So, for instance, all you need to do to spend your Bitcoin on games without having to convert your cryptocurrency profits to cash is to have an e-wallet with some leftover coins, go to the CoinGate gift card store, and choose the card you desire. Then decide on the value and the denomination of the gift card, proceed to the checkout, complete the required info, scan the QR code, and finish your purchasing procedure. It is as simple as it seems.

If you are looking for game sites that already enable direct cryptocurrency payments, keep reading!

Buy a Variety of Game and In-game Goodies With Bitcoin

Gift cards can be used with Bitcoin to purchase game credits, levels, subscriptions, in-game items, and other things. The adoption of cryptocurrency as a payment method by popular game platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, or Steam could take some time. Legendary video game franchises like League of Legends, Fortnite, or Minecraft might need even more time to integrate BTC into their offerings.

But keep considering the concept of purchasing games only with cryptocurrency, and have a look at our most popular gaming gift cards!


Bring your gameplay to a new level by using PlayStation (PSN) gift vouchers when you shop at the PlayStation store. Rocket League, Marvel’s Spider-Man, God of War, and many more must-play titles, quests, maps, as well as other PlayStation Store treasures are now available with the use of this single voucher.

More than 20 areas worldwide provide PSN gift cards, which will be delivered right away to your email address when you make an order.


Gift vouchers for Xbox and Xbox Live are essential for having fun. All you need to do is pick the appropriate game! If you purchase an Xbox Gift Card, you will immediately receive an email with details.

Reclaim this gift card with your favorite cryptocurrency in one of the many countries that are supported.


One of the most well-liked online gaming services is Steam, which is a virtual paradise for players. With just one Steam Gift Card, you may access over 40,000 titles that can be played on the most widely used PC operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Utilizing a Steam gift card, buy your beloved Steam games with bitcoin.


You might be able to learn the gaming ‘craft’ from watching your favorite gamer’s streams. Twitch is a platform used by chiliad of streamers to broadcast live videos.

Numerous people congregate to watch, discuss, and support their preferred streamers by enrolling in their channels. Use a Twitch gift card to accomplish that and more!

Google Play/Apple App Store/iTunes

Gift cards for the Google Play, Apple App Store, and iTunes may be what you need if you prefer playing mobile games over PC games.

With gift cards from either the Apple App Store (for iOS users) or Google Play (for Android users), you may play your preferred mobile games, listen to music, read an e-book, or view a movie directly on your phone!

Razer Gold

The Razer Gold gift card is perfect for gamers who want to boost their game and purchase items like weapons, skins, extra maps, etc. The integrated virtual Razer Gold points are used by gamers all around the world to buy games and entertainment products.

Buy a Razer Gold gift card with bitcoin or another well-known altcoin to join them.


For each and every gamer out there, Eneba is bliss. There are games for the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, gaming consoles, gaming accessories, PC games, and even PC parts!

Your wants and needs for gaming can all be satisfied by an Eneba gift card, and everything may be purchased with bitcoin.


Roblox is adamant in that play can bring people together. You can play games on it, make experiences, and even make your own games!

You have never seen something like Roblox before. It is more akin to the PC gaming platform Steam, but it is where people go to play and create the different wonders that we refer to as games. You are able to make your own universe using a Roblox Gift Card.


Have you ever participated in games like World of Warcraft or Diablo? These masterpieces and plenty of other games were produced by the gaming behemoth Blizzard Entertainment.

You can discover new games to play and enter a fantastical world with a Blizzard gift card.

V-Bucks for Fortnite

Everyone, from children to adults, appreciates a good Battle Royale now and then. Purchase a Fortnite gift card with virtual currency, and take part in such games!

You may exchange a Fortnite gift card for V-Bucks, in-game money that can be used to buy Battle Passes and character accessories like outfits, emotes, and wraps.

Diamonds for Mobile Legends

There is a popular mobile multiplayer battle arena game called Mobile Legends (ML). With a Mobile Legends gift card, you can truly dominate the game!

Unlock premium material and gaming extras like prizes, skins, passes, etc. by exchanging them for ML Diamonds (in-game credit).

League of Legends

An immensely popular multiplayer online game is called League of Legends (LoL). Pick a combatant, inspire your squad, and prevail in combat!

With an LoL gift card, you may use in-game purchases to customize your character and advance through the ranks.

Platforms That Offer Games for Bitcoin

Platforms that offer games for bitcoin online gaming services

We give a list of video game vendors that already accept Bitcoin payments for the console and crypto HODL’ing PC players out there.

We stress that over 70 coins are accepted by businesses that use CoinGate or other sought-after payment gateways. Included are several well-known altcoins, such as Litecoin, Ether, NANO, Tron, and Bitcoin Cash. Anyway, thousands of online retailers worldwide provide video games for purchase.

Let’s get started now…


A truly international marketplace, GAMIVO is a platform that is managed by gamers for gamers, as they state on their website. In fact, it appears as though anything may be found there.

Yes, PC games, Microsoft goods, PSN gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and a seemingly endless list of other items are on the GAMIVO list.


If you have the hard-copy character, GamesOnly.at is a great resource. It is yet just another (seemingly) crypto-friendly business (that mostly serves consumers in Germany), though it is not just limited to them. PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and even earlier consoles… this marketplace platform provides video games for all of them.

GamesOnly.at, additionally, markets items associated with video games.


It is crucial to stress that Skinbay does not quite sell video games specifically. Instead, it is a storefront selling Steam goods for the video games DOTA 2, CS: GO, Rust, Team Fortress, and Z1 Battle Royal.

This website, which boasts a magnificent item selection, will not let down people wishing to buy or sell the most exclusive guns, skins, clothes, or other items from the aforementioned games.


More than 300 publishers and independent developers, including Techland, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Deep Silver, and others collaborate with IndieGala.

The business offers excellent bargains on PC game bundles and Steam keys all the time. The advantage is that discounts can get much larger if you use cryptocurrency as payment.


This specific video game store specializes in selling Steam keys for PC games. The majority of the games there, however, are marked with a 98% discount and only cost a few pennies!

Additionally, DailyIndieGame concentrates on marketing and publishing a variety of independent games, as the name suggests. As a result, they serve as both a publisher and a reseller of video games.


G2A, one of the leading merchants on this list, sells more than simply video games. There, among other things, you can buy keyboards, mice, and headphones. But G2A never falls short when it comes to gaming goods.

They provide a wide range of other gaming-related products and services in addition to the most-latest video games for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Gift cards, subscriptions, Internet gaming programs, board games, and even game development software are all included.

Blockchain and Gaming Go Hand in Hand

The video game industry has always been technologically advanced. By deciding to accept cryptocurrency, game retailers advance the gaming society by giving customers access to a larger range of cutting-edge payment methods. This is followed by the betting industry, which simultaneously started to offer its consumers the option to deposit and withdraw their winnings with digital currencies on Crypto bookmakers.

We anticipate that as time goes on, blockchain technology will invite even more businesses to make use of its advantages.

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