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How to Make Your Small Business More Memorable with Humor in Advertising

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You need to take a proper Business Approach to get attract more customers and earn good revenue. Advertisement is an essential part of any marketing strategy and can be undertaken in different ways. Different national and international brands have been using humor to advertise their products or services. Spotify had dropped traditional billboards and opted for quirky customer statistics. On the other hand, KFC felt sorry for ‘FCK up’ as their chicken stock run out in the U.K.

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How attention-grabbing humor in Advertising can help boost your business prospects?

You may perhaps be a small entrepreneur and would like to know if humor can be effective for your local business campaign. Humor is considered to be disruptive. People tend to take out time to pay attention if they find something funny. Researchers claim that 53% of people are likely to remember and share it with others. Something that is said in humor tends to get more attention when compared to pure information. Something that makes people laugh is processed as entertainment. People do not prefer being sold products or services quite aggressively. The average person views 6,000+ ads every day. Hence, Marketing Strategy should be changed to accommodate humor.

Helps promote business

The fact is that humor when used innovatively in advertisements can create Brand Awareness for your small business. It solidifies your brand. Also, your company is provided with a friendly voice that helps connect easily with potential clients. Also, it can be done on a small budget. But humor should be used with some careful consideration. The reason is not all industries can joke about things freely. Also, different customer bases are found to have different expectations. For instance, a bank might come up with humorous ad campaigns to attract people to visit them. However, they can’t afford to joke about people losing their money. Hence, for serious staff, you will need to appear reliable and professional.

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Ideas to use humor in business advertisements

Ideas to use humor in business advertisements marketing strategy

Three main ways can be used to inject humor in business:

  • Permanent signage, name or actual logo.
  • Business interiors like window displays, menu boards, etc.
  • Temporary advertisement campaigns outside the property.

The kind of humor that you should have to ensure a proper Business Approach are surprised, visual humor, play on words, puns, silliness, and exaggeration.

Tips to create memorable, humorous business ads

1. OOH (out-of-home) ads:

Large print signage or outdoor banners can be used to apply humor to your branding. These come with a limited lifespan and hence, do not cause any permanent change to the slogan or logo. Use your products, logo, or name to create temporary discussion points.

2. Vehicle wraps:

Your Marketing Strategy should involve using humor in ads on your work or delivery vehicles. A funny slogan needs to be incorporated into the van or truck’s backside allowing people to read while driving on the road. Thus, your brand gets better exposure.

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3. Temporary/changeable items:

You can use something that could be frequently changed or is temporary. Place a blackboard or frame sign outside your property with jokes. Such signs assist people to locate easily your business, especially in less-used locations. Changeable letter signs also referred to as marquee letter signs or reader boards can be kept outside your establishment. Use cleverly worded puns or display special offers of the day. They are likely to be photographed by your customers and shared with others. It helps create Brand Awareness.

4. Interior signage:

Some humor can be injected into your business premises. Use a humor sign marking your open/closed sign or the restroom.

Be serious with adding humor to advertisements

Humor-filled Advertising can help your business to enter the next level. It is sure to attract customers and increase revenue quickly.

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