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How to increase your followers on Instagram in 2021

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do you have a small business that makes use of Instagram as a part of it marketing scheme but aren’t sure if you are using it effectively? Are you looking to follow all the new trends on Instagram this year and don’t want to miss out on anything that might be very helpful to you and your business?

With Instagram’s monthly active usership now close to over 1 billion, it’s a common misconception that big brands and social media influencers have an easy time growing their following. In reality, the opposite it true: the majority of users struggle to find success on Instagram.

If you are trying to increase you followers on Instagram this year, there are a few things that you might need to be changing in terms of what you post and how you manage your account. Continue reading if your want to know exactly how to grow your following on Instagram by using authentic content as a foundation for success. If you are new to Instagram and need some hep with growing your following, here are some helpful tips and tricks to follow this year.

Have a posting calendar

If you are struggling to gain more followers, this might be because you aren’t posting at the right times to reach your target audience effectively. Having a posting calendar is one of the most beneficial things that you can do in order to grow your Instagram account. This means that you should be scheduling out your posts for every day and pre planning your content before you create and post it.

When creating you posting calendar you need to see which kind of content is most engaged with and on what feature of the platform is it most engaged with. From there you can see which posting times are the best on the various different features and schedule out your posts for every day in a way that will optimally reach you target audience without too much effort.

Use hashtags

Hashtags have been around for a while now but it seems that not too many people are aware of how they should be using them it their advantage or to grow their profile. Hashtags are an excellent way to reach a much larger audience that might not yet follow, but also this larger audience will most likely be that of your target audience.

Hashtags new trends on instagram

This is because hashtags are searchable keywords that you can put in the captions of your posts, and can then be searched by people interested in them. More than this, there are many tools, such as TaskAnt, which allows you to find the best Instagram hashtags. You can very easily find the most popular hashtags around, but ensure that you use ones that are related to your content otherwise you might end up losing followers instead.

Have an optimized profile

If your account is for a business, the very first thing that you should be doing it switching it to a business profile. Form here its easy enough to switch up the profile for it to be optimized. Start off with the username. Have a username that is short and catchy but also the same or similar to that of your businesses name. this will make it easier for people to remember you. Next is the profile photo. This should be something that represents your brand, and can even be your logo. You just need to make sure that it is clearly visible as this will be how people recognise you.

Lastly you want to fully optimise your bio by including all the information it allows you to include. Start off with explaining a bit about your business. Next you should include contact detail for your business as well as a direct link of your website. If you have a physical store, you can also include the location of it in your bio.

Influencers and user-generated content

With so many users on the platform, it is no surprise that some of them have managed to amass million upon millions of followers, so its possible if you are able to find the best way to get followers. If you are looking to grow your follower base, it is a great idea to try and get an influencer to help you out and spread the word to their audience too. This is a great way to reach an incredibly large audience in a positive way.

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