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How to Deal With a Bad Business Partner?

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When you are unfortunate, you get to deal with the worst business partner. The equations of the business partners also affect the functionality and profitability of the business to a greater extent. Though the business suffers due to the unhealthy and compromising nature of the partner’s relationship, it takes a bigger toll on you. When you deal with a bad business partner, you have to carry the weight of the situation. It exhausts you mentally as well as physically.

Understanding this complicated situation, we have prepared a good number of solutions for you. Here is how you can deal with a dominating, misbehaving, and bad business partner:

1. Get Your Partnership Agreement Reviewed

Partnership agreement

The terms of your partnership with the business partner should be explicitly stated in an agreement. When a legal entity binds two business partners, it puts two people in an agreement. Only then will the partnership business come into being.

If the business partner is not fulfilling his obligations, you must get it checked by your attorney. After understanding the full roles and responsibilities of your partner, you can command your partner to act in a certain way through legal notice. You also have an option to update the business partnership agreement for the benefit of the business.

2. Document Desirable Outcomes For The Business

When you go into a full state of dissatisfaction with your bad business partner, you are instigated to take action on the spur of the moment. But you must not be hasty in making the decisions. We would recommend that you not act until you have thought through it completely. You must consider different milder outcomes that can get you out of the worse condition. If that does not help, you must document desirable outcomes for the business and finalize the plan.

3. Confront Your Partner

One of the greatest things you can do for your business is to create a future plan for yourself and the business. Once you have documented desirable actions, you must show the intended actions to your partner. If you would like to dissolve the business, you must inform your business partner about the reasons that pushed you. Then, you should discuss the dissolution of the business with your partner and hand him a legal document.

4. Schedule a Time for Further Talk

Once you have presented your plans to your business partner, you must be ready for any kind of response. It can be positive as well as hostile. You can take your business partner for coffee or lunch. That would be a good place to start talking about real business stuff.

You must not compromise and give away everything for your peace of mind. Just keep in mind that these are only a few days of hardship. But you may just back down when the terms are in your favor somehow. But remember, once you have decided to shut down the business, it has to be shut off—no going back.

5. Be Ready To Walk Away

If you and the bad business partner cannot concur on terms, there are many other options. You can choose to walk away by selling your shares to your business partner or others. You can also buy him out to get a change in the business status. Thus, you will get your peace of mind as well as capital back.


It is not easy to give up on something on which you have worked harder. However, you have to make the right decision at some point by stopping all the abuse that the business is causing. So, you must choose to gracefully walk away and maintain your sanity.

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