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How to Clean the Exterior of Your Pontoon Boat?

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Cleaning the exterior of the pontoon boat is important to prolong its life. Leave it for a while, and you’ll soon see dirt building up on it. Even if you don’t care how your pontoon boat looks, know that dirt and rust can affect the performance! If you have friends who enjoy boating, surprise them with some gifts For boaters that will make a big splash.

So, in today’s post, we’ll explore some easy and cheap ways to clean the exterior of your pontoon boat.

General Cleaning Guidelines

Most of the time, hiring a professional pontoon cleaner is all you need to do to have your boat in the best condition. Of course, in some cases, you will have to clean your boat yourself, so having the right cleaning solutions and tools is a must. The chemicals indeed help tackle rust and oxidation problems easily. But, you can’t generalize their use.
There’s much more that goes into the process of cleaning the pontoon boat. Let’s discuss what it is in detail below!

1. Rinse the Exterior Regularly

Your pontoon boat is exposed to a lot of dirt and debris. The salty water, dust, and other things accumulate on the surface easily. And so, you must give it a quick wash after every use.

Most people prefer power washing for a deep clean effect. However, it’s best to avoid it if the boat has aftermarket, protective coatings. Just use only water and diluted soap solution in that case.

2. Inspect & Repair

Pontoon boats are not ever-lasting. They will develop cracks and issues with time. But, letting them prevail and go unnoticed can deepen the problem.

Your boat may become unusable!

To avoid this, inspect the boat once a week or a month. Make sure to pay special attention when you hit something during use.

3. Cover the Boat

Cover the boat pontoon boat

Keeping the boat outside means constant exposure to the dirt and sun. The exterior can fade and deteriorate, losing its new touch. So, always use a cover to store the boat.

Take these proper measures when storing the boat for a long term, like winter:

➔   Wash and dry the boat thoroughly.

➔   Use a cleaning solution to polish every surface.

➔   Put a cover on a boat.

➔   Store it in a safe, indoor facility.

How to Clean Different Parts of Pontoon Boat Exterior?

Now that we’ve discussed general maintenance and cleaning tips. Let’s have a look at the special care required by each part of the pontoon boat exterior!

Aluminum Toons

Water causes the aluminum toons to oxidize and become discolored. While this is an inevitable natural process, you can delay the deterioration with a good cleaning.

Use power washing methods to rinse off the dirt and grime. Scrub wherever it is necessary. Also, keep a lookout for marine growth, as this can accelerate discoloration.

If the toons are original or non-coated, you can acid-wash them too. It ensures everything is cleaned thoroughly. Although you can do it, it’s best to use a professional service for it.

Fiberglass Sides

The fiberglass sides aren’t submerged in the water. So, the extent of damage is much less and minimal. You can use mild soap and water to keep it clean.

Make a dilute solution and use a soft bristle brush to scrub the dirt. But, avoid using power wash or any chemicals on the fiberglass sides. Also, it’s good to wax the fiberglass sides at the end of every season.

Aluminum Panels

Black streaks of dirt and chalky buildups are common on aluminum panels. To clean them, the best way is to use a diluted soap solution and a soft cloth. You can also use a sponge and soft brushes to scrub if necessary.

However, avoid power washing the aluminum panels. If you’re using a cleaning solution, use a mild one or make it milder by adding more water to it.

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