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How to claim free bets at bookmakers websites

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Today the range of different bonuses is great. Among them you can find free bets. It is not a new word in the world of betting. It is a promotion from a bookmaker that allows a client to place bets on a match without risking the deposit. If you are lucky to win, the bookmaker automatically holds the sum of the free bet, and the player takes the profit. If the bet is lost, then the free bet vanishes.

Many people have a logical question: why does the bookmaker office spend money? After all, the bookmaker has no profit from this. The most he can count on is the return of the bet amount. Risk-free betting is a clever marketing ploy to attract new customers and then cash in on them. The principle of top gambling offers is as follows: the user makes a test bet, gets involved in the game and starts investing his money. Freebet can hardly be called a gift. It is rather a well-thought-out promotion.

Pros and cons of a free bet

Benefits of free betting are very understandable and logically justified:

  • It gives you the opportunity to bet without risk;
  • The profit from the trial bet can be used as a bank for the following bets.

The only disadvantage is strict wagering requirements. The minimum coefficient, the amount of the deposit, the number of bets, time limits — all this significantly reduces the chances of wagering.

If you are a beginner, then free bet is a great opportunity to make a test bet without risking your deposit. Can you make money on this? Yes. But you won’t be able to do it regularly. Bookmakers are not stupid either. They calculate freebie hunters skilfully and create additional conditions for them to withdraw. Almost all offices offer free bets. But their sizes and conditions are significantly different. This information can be obtained directly from the bookmaker.

Bookmakers charge freebet

What you need to do to get freebets

Bookmakers charge freebet to their players for following certain rules and conditions:

  • Registration without deposit. This promotion is also called a welcome bonus. Its essence lies in the fact that a player registers at the website and claims a free bet for this.
  • Registration with a deposit. Many bookmaker companies provide free bets only after the account is deposited. Making a deposit indicates the seriousness of the client’s intentions. Often, the free bet amount is tied to the size of the first deposit. A popular option is to double the deposit amount. Thus, bookmakers motivate players to invest large amounts.
  • Installing the app. Some companies provide a bonus for installing the app.
  • Participation in promotions. To attract players, bookmakers conduct various promotions. To become a member of one of them, the user must fulfil several conditions. For example, make a deposit or make several bets for a certain amount.

Registration and identification are mandatory processes when registering a user in a legal office. You will not be able to play in a legal bookmaker and accept bonuses from it without specifying your personal data.

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