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How to Boost Your Marketing Efforts into Hyperdrive

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This year represents a bundle of new opportunities for firms large and small. In the wake of the pandemic, there is a clean slate upon which companies can build their presence, exposure, visibility, and revenue. The move online by millions of consumers means that e-commerce has never been more popular and profitable. Changing consumer expectations and priorities mean firms that offer a modern service will win more and more customers. Most of all, marketers who make use of new and emerging marketing techniques could capture huge market shares, as this guide aims to explain.

1. Review

Before launching into new campaign ideas and strategic stances, it’s important that you first review your past marketing efforts. What’s gone well in the past, returning a large number of customers? Conversely, what worked badly, leaving you out of pocket on your marketing spend? Hopefully, your past marketing campaigns have revealed to you the kinds of content that connect to your target consumers most neatly. Perhaps you’ll also have defined your ideal target customer more precisely, which will guide your future marketing efforts. A review of all you’ve done so far will help you draw up a list of what to avoid in the future and what to perfect that you’ve done before. But you’ll also want to look to new forms of marketing to push your campaigns into hyperdrive.

2. Reliable Methods

There are several new methods of marketing that firms should be aware of in 2022. Still, there are also the older, reliable forms of marketing that you shouldn’t discontinue. Perhaps the most effective are targeted advertisements, which you’ll pay for on the likes of Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Getting your advertising content in front of the eyeballs you’re most interested in capturing will never be a bad marketing strategy. You can hone this form of marketing by A/B testing different content and different audiences to see which campaigns return the most clicks, traffic, and sales on your site.

3. New Marketing Opportunities

New marketing opportunities hyperdrive

Your marketing team should be ready to pivot into new forms of marketing as they emerge. In fact, the first-movers often capture a large proportion of the addressable market simply because there’s less competition for clicks when a new form of marketing emerges online. To keep up to date with current marketing trends, you should subscribe to marketing thought leaders, who are often happy to share their predictions for 2022. Heading to conferences and workshops will also tool up your team to tackle the most interesting and important forms of marketing that are emerging this year. Or you can read the rest of this article, which shares some of the marketing methods that might be most profitable for your firm in the coming year.

4. TikTok Engagement

If you’ve been on the fence about TikTok, the social media upstart that’s taken Gen-Z by storm, it’s time you sat up and took notice. This is the platform upon which you’ll have your first opportunity to access consumers who will soon become financially independent. They’re at the cutting edge of fashion and consumption, and you can help shape their tastes by engaging with influencers on this most happening of platforms. Before you do, though, it’s important that you comprehend the size, scale, and operations of TikTok. It’s a unique social media platform that’s all about creativity and expression – and, in this sense, it’s different from Facebook and Twitter.

If TikTok still seems like a distant youth culture that you’re baffled by, that’s not an issue. You can instead contact TikTok creator marketing experts who can put you in direct contact with the most important influencers in your space. They’ll help you put together a proposal for collaboration, and they’ll help you predict what kind of return you’ll see on that investment. TikTok is no longer just the future: it’s the present. Get involved as soon as possible to capture the attention, hearts, and minds of young consumers.

5. Changing Regulations

The online advertising space is set for a sea-change in the coming months and years. With regulators breathing down the necks of Facebook, Instagram and Google, it’s time for your marketing team to acquaint itself with how changing regulations will inevitably impact what forms of marketing can legally take place online. We’ve already seen third-party cookies disappear from Google Chrome in anticipation of new regulations. There’s more in the pipeline which will effectively change how most marketing teams are able to use large tech companies to market their products and services.

Getting attuned with this aspect of the changing world of marketing is tricky. If you’re not in the world of policymaking and regulations, much of the wording of new rules online will seem like a foreign language to you. You’ll be looking for an interpreter – someone who straddles the regulatory world and that of marketing and sales online. Such individuals, who might be consultants or thought leaders, will share the changes they expect to see in the coming months and the workarounds that agile companies should be preparing for in the near future.

6. Number Crunching

When you set out on a marketing campaign, you’re looking to achieve the highest possible return on the investment you make. So if you invest $20,000, you’ll be hoping to far exceed that spend in sales generated by your marketing efforts. But how exactly can you make these numbers as optimal as possible, reducing the amount of cash that you spend on marketing while increasing the return from your campaigns? You’ll get there through a combination of smart advertising algorithms and savvy number crunching within your team.

On the first point: you can use programmatic marketing to bid for advertising space on certain websites. The bid amount you select will determine how often your advert is shown, and if you’re not shown, you’ll not be charged. Honing this figure to the lowest-possible bid, while still sometimes getting shown, will help you save on ad spending. On the other side, keeping track of the return from tweaked strategies and ad pricing will help you find the optimal bid amount to return to your customers. This number-crunching, while it might seem a farcry from the bare bones of marketing, is crucial for efficient marketing in 2022.

7. Multimedia Delights

Gone are the days when a bland slogan, brand logo, and image were enough to capture the imagination of consumers. Moving inexorably towards “Web 3.0” – with all the metaverse possibilities that this involves – consumers are coming to expect rich, detailed, and modern media from their online adverts. At the very least, you’re going to want to design something bright and vibrant, possibly with moving parts like animations set in a GIF file.

But there’s plenty more that you can do to make your contact stand out. Hire professional photographers to make your photos irresistible. Videographers will be able to make your YouTube content captivating and enthralling, while animators and digital designers will work on your uniquely exciting digital content. Put together, the tip here is to invest heavily in the best-looking content that you can possibly create. Old, tired content suggests to consumers you’re an old, tired company. Be vibrant, youthful, and exciting to inspire more business in 2022 and beyond.

Marketing is an endlessly changing landscape and something that the best marketing teams are always willing to survey for new opportunities. This article is about thinking through those new opportunities and what you can do as a team to harness the power of emerging trends in order to maximize the return on your marketing investments.

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