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How To Become an Online English Teacher

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Innovation in modern technology has given us a world where we don’t need to leave our houses to go to school. The internet has made it possible for people to teach whatever they want, from wherever they want. With the help of online English teachers and online teaching resources, it’s become easier for an educator to get constant feedback from their students.

With plenty of international students needing to learn English, thousands of people are earning very good money just from teaching English from the comfort of their houses.

Given this high demand for English teachers, you too can take advantage of these unique education-meets-tech opportunities and teach English online. visit site Preply.com to learn more about teaching English online. Here’s a detailed guide to all you need to know about becoming an online English teacher.

1. Start by Acquiring a TEFL Certificate

English being your native language or being a fluent speaker helps a lot, but they’re just not enough to become an online English teacher.

Online english teacher

Online language schools usually look for English teachers with an accredited TEFL Certificate. This assures them that the teacher they’re hiring has a strong set of skills vital in teaching grammar, lesson planning, and student management in a virtual setting.

A pro-level TEFL certification program will equip you with skills that will make you qualified to teach English online, even if you have zero prior experience in teaching.

The International TEFL Academy offers online TEFL courses that you can consider.

2. A College degree… Maybe

In truth, having a college degree is not a necessary requirement. However, you’ll find that most reputable employers hiring online English teachers require that all their teachers have a 4-year college degree. You can take online courses for teachers if you want to pursue a career in the educational field. It can also prepare you for various educational jobs like administrator, curriculum development specialist, teaching supervisor, or educational consultant.

Your BA doesn’t have to be related to education. Your field of study could be in civil law, engineering, computer science, or Marketing and it will still work.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t become an online English teacher if you don’t have a 4-year degree. Plenty of online schools and companies are hiring teachers without degrees, as long as they have a reputable TEFL certification.

3. Where You Will Find an Online English Teaching Job

With the high demand for online English teaching, many companies hiring English teachers have sprung up. Your work is to distinguish the good from the bad.

Try and do some research for potential jobs to find the right one for you depending on what employer you choose to work for and the working arrangement provided. Read up online reviews on their websites as well as other external sites before making contact.

Is the employer reputable? Have they been accredited by an international body? Go through their websites and look for dead giveaways such as bad writing and grammatical errors.

You Too Can Teach English Online

Distance between people is no longer decided by geography but by how fast your internet speed is. As an online English teacher, you can do your job from anywhere in the world. It could be in Thailand, France, or even while on safari in Botswana.

As long as you have reliable internet service, a smartphone, or a laptop with a functional webcam, you should be good to go. It can also be a great opportunity for you to meet new people and expand your cultural horizons.

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