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How To Become an Affiliate Marketer

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It could be that you have heard about affiliate marketing and want to enter this niche to make money. But before doing so, you need to understand what it is all about and how to be a successful affiliate marketer. Availing tips from the industry experts is sure to help you achieve success quickly and with very less efforts.

What is it?

It is considered to be an arrangement where you get to earn a commission simply for promoting any particular company’s services or products. Often it is also referred to as CPA markets or performance marketing. Although regarded as an online adverting form, it is quite different from that of merely hosting ad banners. However, payment in this form is derived only on successful visitor ‘conversion’. The definition for ‘conversion’ for some merchants might be different. You need to be aware of that before becoming an affiliate marketer.

How to become an affiliate marketer?

Afilliate marketer

1. Select your niche domain:

This is undoubtedly the very first and crucial step to undertake. Identify topics that you can relate with easily and find interesting. Also, the chosen niche is to be beneficial for others. You need to be considered a problem solver. Remember, you have started a business to provide assistance to others and not yourself. You can derive bigger rewards only by helping others. The articles you publish should be interesting and helpful to others. Remember, only a unique idea will not work. Rather, it should be well executed to get success.

2. Create a blog:

This is the next step to follow to become an affiliate marketer. Although money can be made without owning a blog, but it is not recommended. Rather, your core strategy should be to own a blog and engage in organic search traffic. Although Pinterest and YouTube can be used to make money, you do not control it unlike your blog. You may even rent social media channels. But what if they remove you for some unknown reason!

3. Develop creative content:

Since your blog is the core strategy of your business, publish unique, interesting content. Experts recommend implementing search engine optimization techniques to attract potential visitors. Organic search is considered to be the primary method to build audience. Ensure you take honest routes for your blog to be found on Google. You may also focus on paid traffic, podcasts and social media. Focus on SEO rather as a blogger.

4. Develop audience:

SEO can help build good audience base. You also have other options like:

1. YouTube

2. Email

3. Twitter

4. Podcast

5. Instagram

6. Facebook

7. Quora

8. LinkedIn

9. Paid Traffic

10. Reddit, etc.

Compel your fan base to visit your blog repeatedly. It takes multiple touch point before making conversion. 8-12 visits will be essential before the visitor starts to trust your product/service/brand. SEO can help with audience building strategy. Organic search can offer 50% to 80% blog traffic.

5. Register for Affiliate Programs:

It will be wise to apply for affiliate marketing programs only after starting your blog. On successful registration, you are considered to be a ‘partner’ and part of the merchant’s sales channel. However, all affiliate programs cannot be termed to be the same. Try to select the best available ones. Affiliate programs allow you to sell different types of services/products through your blog.

6. Profit:

Once you complete the above steps, you can slowly witness increase in organic traffic to your blog. More the conversions, the more will you able to earn profits without having to do any selling.

In case, you are still confused as to how become an affiliate marketer, you can consult a professional.

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