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How To Become a Developer

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You may have finally decided to become a developer and earn huge. The pandemic also has a positive side where it has compelled businesses in almost every field to adopt modern technology. Hence, this is the right time to choose the career of a developer. There are lots of job opportunities with great pay packages for the experienced and knowledgeable developer. 2020 witnessed a record 218+ billion app downloads.

Work of the developer

Developers are required to undertake various tasks. First they are programmers and require writing codes. Most of their job scope entails working on commercial services/products designing software architecture. They plan different stages, implement, supervise the web or software development process. They also work along with programmers, instructing them on various programming languages meant for application development.

The other work involves personalizing off-the-rack computer programs, updating product documentation and directing testing procedures. Post-deployment, they are to ensure unerring function of the program and to offer the programmers with valuable and periodical feedback.

7 steps on How to become a developer

1. Select a niche:

You can choose from several options like Frontend or Backend Web Developer, Full-Stack web developer, Mobile developer, Application developer, Game developer, Developers are to learn diverse programming languages. But then you are to be aware of its use-case. For example, web development is best done using Python but not for mobile computing. On selecting your niche, start learning with great dedication.

2. Code:

Coding can be learnt in various ways. Obtain a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in computer science or software engineering. The bachelor’s degree provides you with in-depth domain knowledge of various subjects like network administration, database systems and information technology. You may also enroll with a reputed coding boot camp that is intensive, short training programs.

Code developer

3. Join a community:

There are several online communities that do make excellent places to network with like-minded professionals. A few popular forums are CodeProject, GiftHub and StackOverflow where you can discuss, share solutions and seek assistance if stuck with a code line. You may also participate in coding fests and hackathons and get to learn more about coding. You can follow this guide to becoming a developer or find a developer for hire and enjoy success in your domain.

4. Learn new skills:

Coding techniques are also evolving with time. So stay updated with the current developments and widens your skill set. You may check out several certification programs like:

  • SAP Certified Dev. Associate
  • AWS Certified Dev. Associate
  • Cloudera CCA175 Spark & Hadoop Dev. Certification
  • MS Certified Solutions Dev.

4. Become an intern:

You can become a developer by applying as an intern with any coding firm. This allows you to solve real-world business issues. You can take it up as a part-time job while continuing your education. You can get hold of remote ad-hoc projects at Fiverr and Upwork. You may also join start-ups. Many invite aspirants while providing them opportunities to learn as they work.

5. Be creative:

Develop personal projects right from scratch, thereby testing your acquired skills. It can be anything that challenges your mind like a game or chatbot. On project completion, share with the coding community or network your finished code to derive constructive comments or feedback. You may also recreate existing projects by including some special twist to it to make it more beneficial. This is one guide to becoming a developer that many prefer to take.

6. Prepare stellar portfolio:

Your portfolio should be good enough to make you stand out of from other applicants. It should rather be a compilation of well-documented project work.

Therefore, following the above steps will help you to know How to become a developer and derive success in this niche field.

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