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How Is Partial Fault in an Accident Determined – 2023 Guide

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Nobody either wants them or hopes for them, but they still happen and will, regardless of how one might be careful. When they come, inexperienced drivers often have no clue about what to do to secure their position. Fortunately, we consulted a Woodland Hills car accident attorney on how partial fault in an accident is determined. Go through the following lines to introduce yourself to our 2023 guide.

Easy Does It

According to the Woodland Hills car accident attorney, in case a car crash is of a minor nature, the participants have the liberty of determining who bears the guilt without involving official structures such as the police or insurance companies.

In a nutshell, the aforementioned reflects the least time-consuming method since court proceedings and procedures related to insurance agencies can last more than one is willing to wait. Still, the Woodland Hills car accident attorney warns that if you dare to engage in negotiations of such sort, you should be extra careful not to put yourself in a risky situation and violate either your or the rights of other entities.

Call the Cops

When the situation calls for it or the participants fail to find a common language, the most frequent means of establishing the guilt implies calling the police officers. The Woodland Hills car accident attorney advises you immediately reach out for legal assistance regardless of whether it was your fault or not. Namely, the chances you miss something important and potentially complicate your situation are major, so the role of the attorney is more than necessary if you want to protect your interests.

The Insurance Company

The insurance company

When insurance companies are in question, we should underline that they are only in charge of paying out when the circumstances of the accident match the ones described in the contract one of the participants might have signed with them. In other words, they will not pay for something they are not obliged to.

For example, you should not expect the insurance agency to compensate for potential vehicle damage if you have purchased a PIP. In other words, one must invest in a collision coverage package in order to expect something in return if their ride gets damaged.

The Court’s Decision

Sometimes, there is no other alternative than to go to court. Unfortunately, the court processes last long by default, and not only can they consume your time, but also your financial resources. What you can do to increase your odds of winning is to provide as much evidence as possible. Thus, using your phone’s camera to record the scene of the crash and potential damage is of utter importance. Also, do not forget to keep all the vital documents relevant to the experience safe at all times. Statements, medical reports, and other official documentation should help you build a strong case unless you were the one who caused the incident.

We hope that the aforementioned pieces of information shone a light on how the partial fault in a car accident is determined. There are easy and less easy ways to do it. Hopefully, you will choose the one that suits your wants and needs the most.

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