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How Digital Stories Can Assist Businesses in Adopting New Technologies and Working Methods?

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Technology is advancing very fast and it is more than important for businesses to adopt the latest one to survive and succeed. Companies generally invest in the latest technology like Artificial Intelligence. However, some fail to derive the desired results. This is not due to poorly designed or broken tech, but staff had a tough time trying to change their old habits. Progress often is stopped by deeply engrained behaviors. Old habits prevent employees from adopting easily new methods and technologies. However, it is very much possible. Substitution can be termed to be a successful technique to derail habitual thoughts and practices. It provides the brain with replacement experience enabling more focus and staying fixated upon new experiences.

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Digital Stories to initiate new working methods

Training as well as retraining significantly impacted upon significantly with digital storytelling. However, to make it more engaging, and memorable, and to ensure participants benefit from it to the max, it should be done properly. The experience should be reinforced with resonant narratives and emotional impacts. It is what makes digital storytelling a wonderful training technology.

Digital story-driven training events engage participants completely. This way, they are able to make neural connections and enjoy immersive experiences. This is because it uses a multi-sensory learning approach toward providing more impact and overall value. It also helps staff to ensure better Customer relationships.

Reasons immersive experiences are considered to be good for training/retraining programs

For executing training/retraining programs, digital storytelling is a globally accepted powerful tool. It manages to develop long-lasting memories very quickly. It also accelerates learning programs while reducing retraining requirements later on. Such training events are conducted to offer an immersive experience, thus deriving a more pronounced effect. Augmented reality marketing is the need of the day.

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What is an immersive experience?

It can be termed to be an audiovisual, wrap-around environment utilized for deploying digital storytelling. It is conducted in curved or large screens filling the visual field or in specially created ‘Immersive Experience Rooms’. Touch-capability screens assure interactive experiences!

Digital storytelling has multiplying effects within an immersive environment. The reason is, participants are placed at the action’s center point. They get involved more personally. Moreover, external distractions being absent help boost constant focus. Artificial Intelligence is gaining popularity these days.

Digital Storytelling for Onboarding and Retraining purpose

Digital storytelling for onboarding and retraining purpose new technologies

One area where employees are to deal with constantly is retraining. With growth of the company, departments are placed with new responsibilities. Existing processes might require specific corrections to ensure efficient, smooth business operations. Corrections will also be required if there is adopted some new technology. But training will always be required.

Knowledge and skills

Even after introducing Augmented reality marketing, companies have to invest in training programs to educate and update their employees. A skilled workforce is desirable as it allows them to perform their assigned tasks easily, effortlessly, and perfectly. They will also be able to adapt quickly to unexpected, sudden changes. New staffs will also require proper and thorough training to get fully onboarded. New recruits can settle comfortably in their respective departments with a smooth onboarding process.

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Meeting expenses

Training and retraining programs involve expenses. The time that is spent training existing staff or onboarding new ones does offer immense value. However, to ensure efficiency, it is to be optimized. Digital storytelling reduces massively training time. Thus, training programs can be adapted with time. It offers long-lasting benefits to ensure it achieves its set objectives and goals constantly. Long-term cost is kept to the minimum and at minimal cost on a long-term basis. It also enables satisfactory Customer relationships.

Utilize Digital Stories

New technology should be adopted to boost business and be ahead of the competition. Engaging training/retraining programs can be derived with proper digital storytelling.

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