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How Chatbots Are Elevating Your Customer Experience

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You may have come across the term ‘Chatbots’ and want to know more about it. Technology is rapidly entering our daily lives in a major way. Currently, the average person tends to converse more with such advanced technology than their own spouse. A good number of companies are offering innovative round-the-clock digital support, thereby engaging their customers. Studies revealed that about 53% of all service organizations spread across the globe use this technology. Repeated lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic has only positively affected such modern technology. Workplaces are increasingly using it to boost overall work efficiency and productivity. Consumers seem to engage more with brands providing all-purpose virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

What are AI (Artificial Intelligence) Chatbots?

Recently, such technological systems are made more sophisticated with the introduction of AI. Data is harnessed in huge amounts along with cheap processing power, AI as well as related technologies. It also includes machine learning. It has managed to improve significantly quality to understand and make decisions. NLU (Natural Language Understanding) or NLP (Natural Language Processing) is being used to develop advanced bots. It has the ability to understand the better-typed text or human speech.

How can Chatbots improve customer service?

As the chatbot is connected with such technologies like the NLU, it learns fats more complex ways. It can now stimulate human conversation like managing dialogues, maintaining context and response adjustment based on the conversation to take place. The AI-powered chatbot is rather trained to learn actively from interactions taking place with the customers. This, in turn, helps to enhance performance in future interactions. Studies found high-performing service organizations to use AI chatbots 2.1 times more when compared to underperformers. 64% of agents using AI chatbots were found to spend precious time solving complicated issues against 50% not using it. 51% of marketers are reported to use AI for automating customer interactions taking place over messaging apps or social channels. 80% of service decision-makers consider AI to be more effective if deployed with humans.

How can chatbots improve customer service?

How companies can deliver excellent customer service using AI Chatbots?

Customer expectations only seem to be increasing due to digital disruption. Business buyers and customers these days search for unique experiences, especially those based on understanding and trust. 80% of consumers believe experience derived while shopping is equally vital like that of the company’s services and products. Around 67% of consumers seem to have only increased the standard requirements for a better experience. 76% of consumers agree that it has become easier for them to shift to other businesses. Hence, the pressure is on the organizations to provide a superior customer experience. It is here that the AI chatbot plays a vital role. Although it cannot replace humans completely, it can very much complement the overall support-chat experience. So, how can Chatbots improve customer service? When implemented correctly, it can help companies to deliver amazing customer service in the given-below ways:

  • Resolving support cases: Using bots can help resolve quickly support cases. They can answer straightforward immediately to questions posed by consumers, thus making them happy and satisfied.
  • Diminishing customer wait-time: Using bots is sure to help reduce significantly customer waiting time. Relevant answers can be offered immediately to common questions like locations, store hours, order status, etc. No need to wait for a response through phone or email. Replies to queries are instant.
  • Providing leads to agents: AI bots strike conversations with prospective customers, allowing human agents to follow up. For instance, the bot can ask several relevant questions, gather email addresses, thereby delivering qualified leads.
  • Managing efficient redirects: Bots can be designed to provide branded greetings to welcome customers. This can be done within the chat window and direct them quickly to their desired resources.

Therefore, these systems can deliver greater personalization, thus predicting the customer’s next action.

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