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How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Marketing for Small Businesses

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Gone are the days, when businesses were promoted among consumers using traditional marketing methods. Technology has advanced a lot and has a greater say in how businesses interact with their customers. AI or Artificial Intelligence has indeed revolutionized businesses across the globe. Surveys conducted have reported that about 13.6% of small businesses have been investing in AI technology to promote their business. This percentage is only expected to increase faster in the future with people learning to use such advanced technology. Small businesses are flexible when it comes to introducing changes and has been wholeheartedly experimenting with AI technology. It helps reduce human errors, risks, simplifies tasks, helps run the business efficiently and saves on costs.

How ai for small business is beneficial?

Sales platforms

With increasing customers, you are likely to work with plenty of data. You will find it tough to analyze identifying the crucial patterns in your small business. It could be that you are spending more time and effort in the process than bargained for. The results derived might not be what you were expecting. Several solutions use AI to identify such patterns. It also suggests necessary changes to be made to the existing sales strategy to optimize it. Artificial Intelligence can help predict the appropriate time to provide unique deals/discounts to clients based on their purchase patterns. You can get to know your customers’ needs better, thereby capitalizing on opportunities that come your way.

Voice Assistants and Chatbots

It is not possible for small businesses with less capital to hire a huge team. New and existing customers do come up with different types of queries now and then which need to be answered promptly. Otherwise, customer satisfaction is likely to get hit very badly, thus showcasing your business in a negative light. This issue can be tackled by incorporating ai for small businesses. AI identifies questions that are repeated by customers and prospects. It offers them appropriate answers without any delay. This way, your small team does not have to waste their precious time or energy in answering commonly asked queries. Chatbots can also be integrated on digital platforms like social media platforms, websites, phone conversations, etc. With FAQs prepared, complaint numbers can be reduced significantly.

Dynamic Buyer Personas

With Artificial Intelligence, businesses can now easily develop buyer personas from social audiences. AI uses the broad customer persona and categorizes your audience based on their social media interests. You can come up with customized strategies for such buyer personas by understanding the content type desired by your customers. You also need to put in less effort to develop custom strategies to attract new prospects. AI helps update buyer personas, while the algorithm tracks affinity to influencers, changing interests and content preferences. This way, your customers can enjoy deriving more personalized responses and be satisfied with your business.

Ai for small business marketing

Marketing automation

ai for small business presently includes several new applications in the realm of digital marketing. It supports intelligent social listening combined with content creation and curation. Although content scheduling has existed for quite some time, content curation can be termed to be the latest addition. LinkedIn uses intelligent algorithms to allow business users to share relevant, popular content from their accounts.

Small businesses using artificial intelligence can avail of vast opportunities. Scheduling and creation become easy. Moreover, content curation can help save precious money, time and effort. The coming days can be stated to be the increasing demand for AI-related technology. Hence, it can be safely stated that AI is revolutionizing marketing and sales that can be witnessed further in the future.

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