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How An E-Commerce Business Can Be Eco-Friendly

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Businesses worldwide are being encouraged to go green, and for good reason: The world is in a mess. Steps to need to be taken to protect the environment before things get any worse.  But if you’re the owner of an E-commerce business, you might assume your environmental impact is less than that of a bigger company. After all, you probably won’t have huge chimneys belching out toxic smoke from your home, and you probably won’t be using less than earth-friendly ways to manufacture products either. 

However, you can still boost your green potential. How so? Well, here are a few examples.

#1: Sell sustainable or green products

Do you know where your products come from? Are they made from sustainably sourced materials? Are your products recyclable? These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself when choosing what to sell. Make the switch if you realize your products aren’t so eco-friendly after all. 

#2: Package your goods responsibly

Eco-friendly packaging

What materials do you use to package your goods? If they aren’t biodegradable or recyclable, you are contributing to the waste that is in the world today. You are also adding more waste if you use more packing materials than are needed. So, be mindful. When preparing your products for delivery, always try to use eco-friendly packaging materials. And for those materials that aren’t good for the planet, reduce the amount you use to minimize waste. 

#3: Combine your orders

When shipping your products, try to ship as many as possible at the same time. You will save money this way, as you won’t be reliant on several courier or freight deliveries, and you will do your bit to reduce the carbon footprint too. When looking for a shipping company then, look for those that offer FTL (full truck load) shipping. They are perfect if you’re fulfilling a lot of customer orders from the same locale. Check the following linked article if you’re asking what does it cost to ship FTL Freight.

#4: Choose a green delivery company

Not all delivery companies are equal. There are those that won’t give the environment a second thought, and there are those who will take steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Commit to research before deciding which company to use, and look for those who have gone green, such as those who use low or zero-emission goods vehicles. You should find all you need to know on the company’s website, but it’s still worth checking for customer reviews online. 

#5: Go green at home

If you’re primarily working from home, you might be following green practices anyway. But if not, do what you can to turn things around. You could limit the electricity you use by unplugging anything that is not in use, and you can switch to a green utility company. These are steps larger businesses take to prove their green credentials, so there’s no reason why you can’t do the same, even if you operate your business from your bedroom.

So, do what you can to go green. You will save money if you do and you will do your bit to save the planet. You might also save your business from extinction, as many buyers favor green businesses over those that don’t make the effort. Use our suggestions then and commit to further research online and around our website. 

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