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Helpful Guide to Business Travel in Jersey City

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Today, there are more ways to teleconference, video chat, and generally connect with colleagues and partners than ever before. Ironically, though, more and more people are traveling for business purposes. There’s just something powerful about meeting face to face and getting a few uninterrupted hours together to hash out a plan or talk about a deal.

If you are a successful professional, you will probably have to go on a business trip or two at some point. While you may heavily prepare for essential meetings and presentations for that trip, you could probably also use a few helpful tips on traveling itself. Here is a helpful guide to business travel in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Double Check Your Itinerary

Before you even step foot in the airport, you should have a good itinerary app on your smartphone. TripIt is probably the best, especially if you get the paid version as there are a lot of useful features. You can track your entire itinerary during your travels. You should also double-check everything, from your flight, rental car, and hotel accommodations to make sure nothing has been changed or canceled without your knowledge.

Where to Stay


Jersey City is a great city for both business and pleasure. If you have looked into staying at one of the hotels near Ellis Island, you may want to consider the Hyatt House Jersey City, which is ideal for business trips. It offers extremely comfortable extended stay accommodations if your trip is going to take more than a few days. And in any case, its convenient location and free amenities like fast Wi-Fi make it popular with all travelers.

The Westin Jersey City Newport is another solid choice. It also has a convenient location for heading into NYC or other parts of New Jersey. It also offers guests good business technology like Wi-Fi and printers, as needed.

Double-check your booking at the hotel before you even get on the plane. Another tip: If you have your airline’s app already installed on your phone, you can also check into your flight a full 24 hours beforehand. This can help you by making the boarding process faster once you arrive at the airport.

Only Bring Carry-On Bags

Even if you have a nice, fancy set of expensive luggage, you may want to keep that at home when you’re going away on a business trip. They will only weigh you down and force you to rely on the baggage check, which can be costly and time-consuming. Carry-on bags are far more convenient when you are racing through the airport and trying to get to your destination and, ultimately, your hotel. You can benefit so much more when you pack lightly and bring your bags onto the plane with you.

Keep Essential Devices Charged Before Travel

The most important items you have with you during your travels include your smartphone, laptop, and possibly, tablet. They can help you to stay productive, in touch with business colleagues and clients, and prepared for your important meetings and presentations. As a result, you should always make sure these electronics are fully charged before you get on your flight. It will allow you to freely continue using the devices on the plane when you need to contact a business associate or make changes to an essential document.

Take Advantage of Loyalty Programs


You should also take advantage of loyalty programs, especially if you travel frequently. After a certain point, when you use these programs, you can gain a better status and enjoy upgrades to your flights, hotel and rental cars. This can make your business trips easier and overall more enjoyable.

Keep Certain Items Packed All the Time

If you frequently travel for business, it’s wise to keep certain items packed all the time. An extra set of toiletries, extra chargers, and travel-sized essentials like toothpaste, shampoo and soap can make your life far easier during those times when a business trip pops up. It can help you save precious time packing when you know you can just grab a pre-packed bag or sack and be ready.

Keep Backups of Important Documents

Use the LastPass app to store images of your most important documents. It’s smart to have backups just in case something unexpected happens, such as if you lose your wallet. You can have your ID and other important items stored on your smartphone or computer and easily access them simply by logging into your LastPass account.

These business travel tips will make things easier for you. You can focus on the business for a successful trip.

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