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Guide To Choosing The Right Corporate Gifts For Your Partners, Employees And Clients

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When you own a business, a lot of responsibilities come with this. Apart from the more obvious ones, such as maintaining a good work environment, meeting with clients, and carefully organizing your business to make a profit, there is also the fact that you need to maintain all your professional relationships constantly. A good way of doing this is by offering gifts whenever the situation allows you to, such as during holidays. There are moments when it is even recommended, for instance, as a celebration when ending a certain project. When it comes to gifts, and more importantly, picking the right gift, some people struggle. It’s a science hunting for a great present, and you should always bear in mind who is the person receiving it. When you’ve got your receiver’s preferences set, the rest is only a matter of spending money.


Usually, with partners, you have already developed a more intimate relationship, depending on how long your collaboration has been. If it’s only at the beginning, worry not, there are still things you can do to choose a great gift. Either way, giving something that plays within their liking will strengthen future collaborations. Therefore, before you begin choosing, make a list of what is it they like. Follow a list of recommendations that might be right on the money.

1. The Notebook

It is, indeed, the most obvious choice, but it is also the safest one. As a businessperson, no matter how much you can maintain your notes in a digital form, the old pen and paper are still the preferred choice for many. Notebooks come incorporated with planners, which are needed to schedule your appointments, and you never have to worry if your phone battery dies. Not to mention, they can be as customized as possible. For this reason, knowing your partners quite well allows you to offer a notebook that matches the receivers’ personality. Regardless the gender, a leather notebook is both elegant and professional. You can add personalization to it, such as their initials or even a message, and it is guaranteed to be highly appreciated.

2. Watches

A statement watch will never get unnoticed. While the planner helps organise your time effectively, a wristwatch is an item every entrepreneur and businessperson wears, almost as a badge of honour. Depending on the receiver’s preferences, you can choose to offer a classic, timeless watch such as pocket watches, versatile enough for office attire and formal events. On the other hand, perhaps your partner is of a more active nature, in which case, a digital watch is a great option as well. Their appearance is sleek and minimal, highly effective if the person wearing it has an affinity towards gadgets and actually uses all the smartwatch features.


Without your employees, you wouldn’t have the business, to begin with. They are the engine that makes your business run smoothly, so it is highly imperative they are rewarded well. Besides financial motivation, employees are also motivated by rewards on a more personal level.

Employees right corporate gifts for your partners

1. Experiences

As an employee, apart from their vacation days, it is sometimes hard maintaining a well-balanced work and social life. Offering something material is still a good idea, but giving them the chance of enjoying an experience will go the extra mile. Maybe your employee has always wanted to see a specific artist in a concert, wished to go to a theatre play but never got the time, or has always wanted to try a Virtual Reality experience. Give them the chance to live an amazing experience, and not only will they have a hard to forget memory, but they will come back filled with stories, which will strengthen your professional relationship.

2.Wellness Kits

Reward good performance with a well-deserved self-care kit.  Whether it is a woman or a man you’re giving this to, everyone needs time-off relaxing and simply enjoying a moment of quiet. Include within the kit a series of beauty products and, for an extra surprise, a voucher to a spa centre which allows them to choose the treatment they desire. Beautifully wrapped with wired ribbon, your employee will be excited to uncover their gift. What’s more, they will come back to work with fresh energy, and such incentive motivates them to continue giving their best.


Your clients are your most needed. Indeed, without employees, partners or investors, the business would not function properly, as they are the organisation’s backbone. However, your product or service is entirely made for your clients and in accordance with their needs. So, they are your business’s lifeline and deserve to be rewarded accordingly.

1. Gift cards

Gift cards and online shopping go hand in hand and will never be a wrong choice. Therefore, they can be an eGift card personalised to your client’s likings, such as an Amazon voucher. These cards can even include an experience, such as tickets to an art installation or a sporting event. By being highly customisable, your client will show appreciation towards your business, increasing their loyalty and deepening your affiliation.

Gift cards corporate gifts

2. Renewal gift

A subscription can include various options, from a plant or flower service to offering the book of the month. What’s more, they convey a message of commitment without being forced to offer them forever. You can include themes that play into your client’s personality and gift it for a long enough period of time to make your business noticed. This is the kind of gift that is mutually beneficial. As a business owner, you want to show appreciation to your clients, and that will make all the difference.

Corporate gifting can be a difficult task, but long term, it is worth all the struggle. There is no secret in business incentives are an important aspect to consolidate your professional relationships, be it between partners or towards your employees and clients. Motivation is key to creating a well-established team, and corporate gifts are a great way to maintain that while keeping a level of professionalism.

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