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Gaming Servers is an Absolute Necessity for Online and Multiplayer Gaming

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Epic Games and Apple have been involved in a bitter lawsuit since August, 2020. The feud started after Epic Games tried to bypass the 30% revenue cut that Apple takes on each purchase made in the App Store. Apple has been involved in many lawsuits in the last few years, but this particular one will hurt it more. If a result comes out in favor of Epic Games, then many other companies will follow suit, and it will spell trouble for the tech giant.

Just recently, Apple was fined 113 million US dollars as it slowed down its phones and battery time so that its users were forced to buy new phones. Apple never really accepted the claim, but according to industry pundits and research from the users’ feedback, it was precisely the case. Practices like these have tarnished the company’s image, which is still hailed by many people as one of the most innovative companies in the world.

A Tech Giant in True Sense 

It is not just the iPhone row that has made Apple a vulnerable company in the last few years; it is a series of lawsuits by different companies that have started to shake the trust. However, Apple is still the first and only company globally, with a 2 trillion-dollar evaluation. Their products sell like hot cake, and the recent sales figures for the new iPhone 12 is a great example. Gaming on the new iPhone is an amazing experience with new features for anyone fond of taking pictures and videos.

Let me offer you something about gaming and what the game developers and gamers need to play a game without interruption.

Gaming Servers 

Gaming servers for online and multiplayer gaming

Using a game server host can be one of the most critical aspects for all the stakeholders related to a game. Gaming nowadays is unlike what we had seen in the past when games like Super Mario and Prince of Persia were on top of the charts. In those early days of the Internet, online gaming was limited to single-player games, which didn’t need much bandwidth. Then came multiplayer games like Doom, which changed the landscape of online gaming.

Games like Doom 2: Hell on Earth and Need for Speed series became a rage with ground-breaking gameplay and a storyline that hooked gamers throughout. That’s the beauty of a game as it makes the players tied up to a game so that they are relentless until they finish the game.

Hosting of online gaming started as the number of gamers started to increase astronomically. Gaming servers were taken seriously as the hosting on a shared server alongside several other websites was not feasible. The need for a gaming dedicated server became a real need rather than a requirement for just a few big players in the market.

Let me offer you something about what a dedicated server is and how these servers related to gaming is an absolute necessity.

Dedicated Servers 

Dedicated servers are top of the line solutions which can make any website work flawlessly. And when it comes to gaming, there is every reason that you need a server that offers the best capabilities. A dedicated server is the need of the hour as, most often, gaming websites are overwhelmed with many players. Most players take an active interest in multi-player gaming as playing against a real person rather than a computer is so much fun.

Gamers usually challenge friends and colleagues in their social circle and, at any given time, just from a single block of New York City, thousands of gamers take part in online gaming. In big cities or regions that are considered as gaming hubs, this is a norm so that gaming websites always try to remain one step ahead of the game. Want to know more about this aspect and more? Read on as I discuss this and other important info in detail.

Multiplayer Gaming and Impact on Gaming Servers

Multiplayer gaming involves high bandwidth, and that’s why shared services can’t cope with the load. Even if you are playing as a single-player, you have to cross lots of levels to finish a single game. Even a single level can comprise high-end graphics and gameplay that can consume much bandwidth. It is not just about the Internet connection and speed at your end. If the server is not quick enough, gamers’ experience will not be up to the mark.

In the case of multi-players, a game which may be played between a machine and a human, hundreds or sometimes thousands of players are involved. You can take a good guess as to how much load it can assert on a server with thousands of players logged in simultaneously. The load can be humongous in the case of tournaments and worldwide gaming competitions.

Online Gaming Tournaments 

Amateurs and professionals from across the world take part in gaming competitions that are held online. Millions of gamers from across the globe take part in these competitions. Usually, there are prizes to be won, which increase the interest of the participants. Gaming giants like EA and Epic Games conduct official tournaments with huge giveaways. Gamers wait anxiously for such official tournaments with bated breath as not just some hard cash but also their gaming expertise and skills are on the line.

Gaming servers make these tournaments possible, offering the best support to the gaming websites and tournament organizers. Dedicated servers make things easy for all the stakeholders and offer a seamless experience for everyone involved. So, if you are also an avid gamer or get involved in online gaming on the weekends or occasionally, a shared server will make the experience a nightmare. Only go for a website having a great gaming server that offers a flawless experience, sans any interruption.

Over to you 

If you think you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask a question, you are more than welcome. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.

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