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FinViz Review | Is This the Best Platform for Financial Visualization

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FinViz, short for Financial Visualizations, is a web-based stock market research platform that provides valuable technical and fundamental tools for traders and investors alike.

The platform has unique data views, charts, heat maps, stats, stock screeners, news headlines, and social media streams.

Admittedly, it might take some time to get accustomed to FinViz, but the wealth of resources available makes this platform a one-stop shop for identifying trading and investment opportunities in the stock, futures, and forex markets.

FinViz comes in two flavors: a free version and a paid version called FinViz Elite. While the free version is already brimming with fantastic features, FinViz Elite takes it up a notch with even more tools.

So, is the paid subscription worth your hard-earned cash? Stick around and keep reading our FinViz review to find out.

Features of FinViz

FinViz is a one-stop shop for all your stock market research needs, whether day trading, swing trading, or investing. Below are some of the features of this platform.

Features of finviz stock market research

1. News

FinViz compiles news headlines from various free sources, such as PR Newswire, Briefing.com, MarketWatch, Bloomberg, CNN, NBC, and the Wall Street Journal. It’s a great way to quickly skim through the latest updates and see where the news is coming from.

2. Heat Maps

These nifty visual aids give you an overview of stock sectors experiencing significant price changes. Access them straight from the homepage or the “Maps” page.

They’re perfect for assessing market health and pinpointing top-performing and underperforming stocks in any sector.

3. Sector Performance Tools

Under the “Groups” tab, you’ll find visual tools to examine sector performance by breaking it down into sectors, industries, and themes.

Sort them by fundamental metrics like P/E, market cap, EPS, and price/cash, among others. It spots where the money’s going and dives deeper to discover individual stocks worth trading.

4. Futures

FinViz future chart offers heat maps for equity, commodities, and currency futures. It’s an excellent way to get a quick overview of the futures market and identify correlations between various contracts. Stay updated on global markets, crude oil, commodities, and currencies with a glance.

5. Portfolio tracking

Create custom portfolios or watch lists to track and monitor specific stocks easily. FinViz calculates each portfolio’s total performance and dollar gain or loss, making your life much easier.

Use the portfolio management tools to create segmented watch lists, like “momentum stocks” and “swing trades.”

6. Stock Screeners

The stock screener is undoubtedly the star feature of FinViz. It’s among the best free stock scanners available today. The FinViz stock screener is incredibly adaptable and user-friendly, even for those without a paid subscription.

FinViz could stand on its own as a top-notch stock screener, even if it ditched all the visualizations and market monitoring tools.

If you’d like to know how this platform stacks against the competition, read our post on FinViz vs TradingView

FinViz Pricing

You can choose from three different membership levels: free, registered, and elite.

1. A free plan

The free plan is good because it gives you access to FinViz tools like interactive charts, data visuals, and screeners.

The only downside is that the data lags by up to five minutes, and there aren’t any intraday charts, portfolios, or screener presets if you don’t register.

2. Registered plan

If you decide to go for the registered plan, all you need to do is sign up with your email, and It’s still free. You get 50 stock screener presets portfolio tickers, and portfolios by registering. Plus, you can save your stock screeners, which is a sweet bonus.

3. FinViz Elite plan

If you’re looking for the full package, you’ll want to check out the FinViz Elite plan. This plan comes with real-time and pre-market quotes, advanced charts, screening with intraday charting, technical studies, backtests, correlation analysis, and a FinViz option screener.

You’ll also get up to 100 portfolios, tickers, and screener presets, and all those pesky ads on the site will disappear. How much does Elite cost, you ask?

It’s $39.50 a month, or you can save some cash by paying $299.50 for a year upfront. It’s pretty affordable compared to other scanners out there.

Pros of FinViz

1. Visualize the market with ease

2. Get access to intraday data

3. 24-year backtesting capability

4. Track your portfolio and customize screens

5. Heat maps and insider trading feeds provide valuable insights

Cons of FinViz

1. No pre-built screeners are available

2. Limited chart overlays and indicators

3. No auto-saving feature

Is FinViz right for it?

If you happen to be a beginner or intermediate long-term trader, FinViz has loads to offer, making things super convenient for you. Even swing traders might find this platform quite useful.

However, for more seasoned investors, FinViz might not be as impressive, especially regarding the “real-time data” we mentioned earlier in our FinViz review.

And if you’re considering going for the paid version, we’d recommend it to those who are just starting out or at the mid-level stage in their trading journey.

It’s also great for investors who don’t need their market updates at lightning speed.

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