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How To Find A Movie By Describing It? A Step-by-step Guide

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Movies play an important role in modern life because they provide ways to relax the mind from various problems. Movie lovers all over the world want to watch films in different genres, such as action, comedy, drama, romance, etc. On the other hand, some of them may face difficulties in finding popular movies due to a lack of ideas. Some of them may remember the scenes of a movie, but they will forget the name. However, they can try and use some websites to find a movie without any hassles.

What are the ways to find a movie?

1. Using the website What is My Movie

Website what is my movie find a movie

What is My Movie is a website developed by a Finnish startup company, Valossa, that utilizes a combination of deep search technologies, pattern recognition AI, and natural language processing. A user can just describe a movie scene or an incomplete title, which makes the searching process easier. The deep content algorithm utilized by the website will evaluate video content so accurately that other search engines can’t do it. Furthermore, the website uses the data to deliver very impressive matches and results. Apart from this, it even uses quotes that allow users to find the movies they are looking for.

Another thing about the What is My Movie website is that it lets users get more granular in the search process as they progress. It gives methods to find actor-based matches and other matches based on the choices of movie lovers. Valossa’s developers say that they introduced a smart search option for users that can identify conditional and chained voice commands. It is not available on Apple’s Siri and other voice-powered search assistants.

The website provides search results with more accuracy, which caters to the needs of users when they want to find a movie name. A user can find a movie by describing it with specific scenes or typing some bits of dialogue. The platform allows users to search for a movie with an Amazon Alexa device. Besides, it provides methods to opt for other search options to narrow down the guesses with ease.

The site now hosts a library of more than 45,000 titles in English that allows users to find a movie depending on their needs. At the same time, a person should consider keeping things simple while searching for a movie. For example, anyone who remembers a handful of words from a title can type them, which will display a handful of suggestions.

A person can even describe the scenes by entering a few words. What is My Movie? has an extensive research background that helps users find a movie with automatic content recognition and video data analysis. The results provided by the site enable movie lovers to get what they want in a quick turnaround time.

2. Using the website Filmfind

Filmfind is another website that allows users to find a movie based on certain questions. It is a Q&A community-based web platform that doesn’t use any AI or other technologies. Users can just type the question, and the website will provide the answer after a few minutes. Also, the site lets users view different questions from different users.

3. IMD

Imd find a movie

IMDb is a popular web platform used by many movie lovers because it has a large database that covers the details of movies under different categories. Users can choose the search option when they want to find the name of a movie. They can just type the plot, actors, and directors that will display the list of movies.

The site has an ‘advanced title search’ feature where users can search for a movie with more specifications. Besides, the feature has many things that make the searching process easier. Some of them include title type, release date, genre, plot, keywords, title group, title options, etc. It is very useful for those who want to find the name of a movie under different genres.

4. QuoDB website

Quodb website find a movie

QuoDB is one of the websites that allows movie lovers to find a movie by typing famous quotes. A user can just type the quote in the search box, and the website will display the film that covers the quote. However, all quotes are only time-based and can link to the IMDb movie database at the earliest. The web platform enables registered users to save their favorites and other things based on their preferences. It is a user-friendly site that simplifies movie search quotes. Moreover, the site streamlines the search process, enabling users to find a movie with more accuracy.

5. Yarn website

Yarn website find a movie

Yarn is another website that works similarly to QuoDB and allows users to find a movie bywords or phrases.It even displays clips of popular movies, which give methods to know a movie at the earliest. The site is ideal for those who want to watch their favorite movies in simple steps.

6. The Internet Movie Browser

Internet movie browser

The Internet Movie Browser is the best platform for finding a movie with a range of filters, thereby allowing users to overcome difficulties. Users can insert the names of actors and directors, the release dates of movies, and the film titles with some known words. The platform is suitable for searching for movies in different genres and countries. It also organizes results based on the critic’s score.


Watching popular films can become more challenging for some viewers when they forget their names. However, they can still get to know them by using some websites that help meet their needs. They can search for a movie by typing the description of a scene, certain phrases, or title words. Movie lovers who want to watch a variety of movies can choose them because they help a lot to search for movies in simple steps that save time.

However, they should understand how to create a movie scene description with attention. Some websites allow users to find a movie with options such as advanced search filters. It is wise to read the reviews of those sites before using them because they help reduce unwanted problems.

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