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Facebook CRM Integration/ Facebook CRM Software

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As we know that facebook is the largest social network in the world. That’s why it is the most ubiquitous social platform in the world.

Furthermore, facebook is not only to connect you with your friends around the world. Also there are lots of businesses that is conducting on Facebook.

So, If you are looking to build your business and manage relationships with current customers. You will need to integrate your Customer relationship management (CRM) software with Facebook which makes it convenient to high rate of conversation.

The best facebook CRM integration makes it easier to communicate, capture and instantly engage with leads.

In this guideline, we will recommended you a great choice for Facebook CRM integration that is based on features, cost, strength and ease of use according to your need.


Here comes, the teleCRM is the best Facebook CRM software that allows you build your business with prospective and manage relationships with current customers. This software is simple and guaranteed results. Also it is affordable pricing.

Furthermore, it also helps you to boost your sales. Apart from this you can also communicate with your customer with tele calling. In addition, the teleCRM software is an automation app.

More TeleCRM Features:

TeleCRM Facebook integration helps you constantly stay in touch with your current customer.

Some of its most standout features we like are listed below,

Automatic lead capture: Automatically lead capture through Facebook ads, google ads, WhatsApp and magic bricks.

Automatic call dialing and reporting: it is an automatic call dialing and reporting CRM integration so you never waste your time by typing numbers.

Sales Reporting: telesales CRM software with daily, weekly and monthly reports to see how many calls they are closing and how many calls they are making with detail.

Sales Reporting Facebook CRM Integration


  • TeleCRM is used for
  • Customer supporter
  • List management
  • Contact management
  • Lead scoring
  • Marketing automation
  • TeleCRM supports the Android mobile platform.
  • Keep your team running fast.
  • TeleCRM supports the Monthly, yearly payment methods.


  • TeleCRM does not provide API.

Who are the typical users of TeleCRM?

(Freelancer, Startups, Agencies, Enterprises, SMEs) are the typical users of teleCRM.

What are the main features of teleCRM?

  • Check all tele callers activity reports in real-time.
  • Capture all your leads in one place.

What are the top alternatives for teleCRM?

Check out some best alternatives for teleCRM.

  1. SuiteDash
  2. Zoho CRM
  3. SugarCRM
  4. Salesforce

How we evaluated the best systems for facebook- CRM integration?

If we are looking for the best CRM for Facebook integration, then we evaluated each product’s pricing and ability to work with social media like Facebook, Ads, Messengers, Instagram and other features that help to communicate with customers, for sales and other marketing processes.

Benefits of Integrating your CRM system with Facebook.

Here are some benefits of using an integrated CRM system:

Integrate your CRM with Facebook: it is safely secure as the business. Facebook store the lead’s information. Integrating your CRM with Facebook allows businesses to build.

Quick action on leads: You can take immediate action on new leads. The longer you wait to follow up with a new lead, the less likely that leads to convert or become a customer later.

Integration: CRM integration is a greatest software that allows businesses to build, it can easily get integrated with any system.

 Saves time and effort: You can save time by integrating your CRM with Facebook ones, no matter who in your organization creates them, you can continue to integrate with multiple campaigns.

Wrapping up:

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide will help you to determine the best facebook CRM integration. If you have not teleCRM Facebook integration you will most probably lose both prospects and money. The teleCRM software is based on good features and strengths. CRM software helps to enhance the business workflow and makes it easier to instantly engage with leads.

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