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HomeTipsExploring the Rising Micro-Trend of Terrazzo in 2021

Exploring the Rising Micro-Trend of Terrazzo in 2021

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The terrazzo tile trend can be new, but it is not going to go anywhere too soon. After all, its luxurious and relaxing touch can make your home feel like a sanctuary of peace. But using it the right way is most critical to leverage its presence. You have to think about the color, material, and everything else to make it work for your home interiors. If you get it right, the speckled designs and soft textures can prove immensely versatile. That’s why it can be worth knowing more about this tile, starting from its usage, maintenance, and more. For the uninitiated, terrazzo material consists of glass and natural stone. It first appeared in the 15th century.

Today, you can find terrazzo tiles in excellent shapes and sizes. The choices of materials are wide-ranging too. One of the most common types includes porcelain. Since it is lightweight and easy to maintain, porcelain makes a fantastic option for wall cladding. However, the genuine tiles demonstrate a handmade and vintage effect. They often use marble for its durability. In busy homes, this can be an ideal companion.

The use of terrazzo tiles in home interiors

Granite, quartz, and marble are common choices in terrazzo tiles, which include a mix of glass and natural stone. These tiles get an attractive finish after going through a process of polishing, honing, or sandblasting. Because of the elaborate processing, you can imagine the final product price to be costly. In cheaper options, you can rely on porcelain, though. Porcelain can be hardwearing and durable. It can be a reliable alternative to natural stone in terms of style expectations also.

Earlier, these tiles enjoyed their place under your feet. Today these stylish tiles have established their mark almost everywhere in the form of countertop, walls, and backsplashes.  Its versatility allows it to easily match any theme, whether industrial, open plan, or something else. The outdoor spaces welcome them with an extended arm. Make sure to consider the slip rating of these tiles if you intend to deck up your bathroom and outdoor areas with them. It is necessary to assess slip and fall risks to prevent injuries.

Apart from the bathroom and outdoors, terrazzo tiles are suitable for kitchen décor also because of their durability, strength, and beauty. Here are some suggestions for kitchen interiors to showcase the effectiveness of these unique tiles.

Kitchen interiors made with terrazzo

Kitchen interiors made with terrazzo

You can visualize its inclusion in your kitchen décor in multiple ways. For example, you can pair the neutral terrazzo floor look with marble countertops and green cabinets to create a stunning visual picture. The choice tilts more toward a traditional vibe. However, if you want to try a modern look with traditional terrazzo, it would be better to use it for the countertop. You can complete the terrazzo countertop look with open shelving, cabinets with invisible hardware, etc. The whole look will emerge as practical and aesthetic. Do you wish to elaborate on this appearance a little more? Match your sink with a gold faucet. Of course, you have to run your eyes on the color scheme once to coordinate everything.

Another idea you can try with this type of tile is the kitchen backsplash. In a white-themed kitchen, you can easily opt for a terrazzo-style backsplash to create a focal point. Make sure you don’t stretch it too far or to other sides. Preserving it for the sink area can be wonderful. And against this backdrop again, you can think of adding a golden faucet. The patterns on the tiles will support the choice.

Kitchen faucet in brushed gold

Besides these spots in the kitchen, you can also combine a terrazzo look with a kitchen island. Choose large-size terrazzo in this case. The ones with colorful chunks of different materials can look great. The overall look can get a further boost by the type of furniture you select for the area.

Caring for terrazzo

As hinted at already, porcelain-style terrazzo tiles are easy to clean and maintain with mopping and scrubbing. You can wipe it out in one sweep. You would want to be careful with something with a cement base. Cement-based terrazzo tiles require more attention. Don’t allow spills to sit there to prevent staining issues. Floors should never catch dust or grit as it can lead to the “sandpaper” effect. The area can feel too rough. You can clean flooring with any safe cleaning solution. Stay away from bleach and chemicals. Also, tiles need proper sealing for protection. So keep this thing in mind.

You don’t have to worry about sealing with porcelain tiles. But cement ones will require. That’s why it is necessary to ensure that the tile’s surface is smooth, clean, and dry. Treating it with an impregnating sealant can help avoid staining issues. You can apply this after tile installation but before grouting work. Only the second layer will come after grouting.

Things to consider

According to interior designers, using terrazzo tiles in the kitchen can prove beneficial. It can instantly increase the oomph factor whether applied on the worktop, splash back, or kitchen island. However, you have to consider two things – 1) go for chunky patterns in stones, ditching the small old black and gray shard designs. 2) Be conscious of the choice of color with the cement aggregate. Terracotta, white, and grey have become obsolete. Instead, you can pick pastel and softer tones of pinks, corals, or even black. Black can be a bold statement maker in the kitchen. Hence, it can be rewarding to think about it.

People often find new trends quite bewildering. They hesitate to adopt them, fearing that these things may not last. It is legitimate to calculate the pros and cons of everything. However, you can remind yourself that these types of trends don’t disappear suddenly. When they trend, they usually stay for some time. You can be more particular with features that tend to be either practical or aesthetic. When something offers the best of both worlds, you don’t need to stress as much.

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